Zinc Plated Metal Stamping Bracket for Automotive Industry
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Zinc Plated Metal Stamping Bracket for Automotive Industry

Materials: CRS
Finish: Gold ZINCPlating
Tolerance: 0.1mm
Application: trucking basis
  • OEM076

The zinc plated Metal Stamping bracket shown here was manufactured for an automotive Industry customer in Australia, and utilized several of our manufacturing processes. A progressive die production tool was manufactured from customer supplied drawings. Production was performed using a 150 ton stamping press, and formed from AIS 1020 low carbon steel coil. Our high speed production capabilities allowed for speeds of 20,000 pieces per day during peak production.


Product DescriptionThe zinc plated Metal Stamping bracket 
Precision Metal Stamping Capabilities
Metal Stamping
  • Stage Tooling

thread tapping
  • 80 Parts/Hr

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part250 Ton Press
Overall Part DimensionsLength: 69mm
Height: 55mm
Tightest Tolerances+ 0.10mm/ - 0.1mm
Material UsedMILD STEEL
Thickness: 5MM
In process testing/inspection performedDimensional Inspection
  • Micrometers

  • Calipers

  • CMM

Visual Inspection
  • Inspected all welds on both sides of the brackets

Industry for UseAutomotive Industry
Volume15,000 Annually @ Peak
Delivery/Turnaround TimeInitial Delivery : 6 Weeks
Delivery LocationSydney Port in Australia
Standards MetCustomer supplied print, 3D CAD Drawing
Product NameZinc plated Bracket Assembly

After stamping, parts were threaded on an automated tapping line prior to zinc plating. In die projecter was used to measure the vent hole, For more information on our precision metal stamping capacities, contact us directly.

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