Daily maintenance and maintenance of CNC milling machine
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Daily maintenance and maintenance of CNC milling machine

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There are two primary types of CNC milling devices. One is a simple sort of CNC milling equipment based on the regular milling device, which simply changes the mechanical transmission structure of the equipment device and also adds a basic CNC system. This sort of CNC milling machine has affordable. It has a three-axis, two-axis link equipment device, also called two-axis semi-control, that is, any type of two axes can be connected in the X, Y, and also Z 3 coordinate axes, as well as the machining precision is not High, it can refine airplane contour and also airplane cavity parts. The other is a common CNC milling machine, which can be coordinated with 3 works with. It is utilized for the processing of numerous complicated airplanes, bent surface areas as well as covering components, such as different molds, themes, cameras as well as linking rods. The CNC milling machine can likewise refine a certain quantity of opening systems required for placement precision. So just how to preserve CNC milling machines?


  • Daily maintenance

  • Ensure that all indications on the procedure panel are presented typically.

  • Examine whether there are burrs, cracks or damages on the completion face of the pin, the device holder as well as other accessories, and also tidy the area around the pin. Clean the revealed parts of the lead screw.

  • Remove dirt, dust, oil, coolant as well as chips on the surface of the CNC milling machine.

  • Eliminate all things on the sliding surface without a cover.

  • Clean up and check the limit button of the station.

  • Examine whether the hydraulic system of the CNC milling machine is leaking. The oil degree of the lubricating oil storage tank and also the lubricating oil tank of the spindle must be more than the minimum range line.

  • Make sure that the stress of the air pump is above 0.4 MPa.

  • Guarantee that there is no dirt such as contribute the coolant pipe as well as the air conditioning slag container.

  • Regular monthly maintenance as well as upkeep

  • Clean the scraper on the moving surface area of the guide rail.

  • Adjust the straight state of the workbench and bed base, readjust the shim as well as tighten up the nut if needed.

  • Tidy the air filter inside the electrical control box to maintain it tidy.

  • Clean and also replace if needed.

  • Examine the hydraulic gadgets, pipes as well as joints to guarantee that there is no looseness or wear. Examine the oil filter in the hydraulic tank as well as clean it if essential.

  • Examine all solenoid valves, travel buttons, closeness switches, and all cable terminals to make sure that they can work usually.

  • Make certain that all interlacing devices, time relays, etc. can work typically.

  • Make certain that the mathematical control tool can work normally.


  • Maintenance as well as upkeep every 6 months

  • Clean the inside of the electric control box to keep it tidy.

  • Change the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic gadget as well as the lubricating oil in the lubricating gadget, as well as tidy the oil filter and also the within the oil storage tank.

  • Inspect whether the motor bearings are loud, and change them if necessary. 

  • Inspect the relevant accuracy of the CNC milling machine.

  • Aesthetically check whether all electrical parts and also communicate job reliably.

  • Gauge the backlash of each feed coordinate axis, as well as adjust it to compensate if necessary.

  • Check the brushes of each servo electric motor and also the surface area of the commutator, and repair service or replace if needed.

  • Inspect the total procedure of an examination program.

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