What is CNC machining technology?
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What is CNC machining technology?

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When it comes to CNC machining technology, most people cannot have a specific impression about it since they will hold the view that CNC machining is far away from our life. This kind of thought is definitely wrong. In this short essay, we would like to explain the reason why CNC machining service is necessary from several perspectives. Hope that people could change their mind about CNC machining.


1.         The definition of CNC machining technology?

2.         The overview of CNC machining services

3.         Types of CNC machines

4.         Further uses of CNC machining technology

5.         Some industries the CNC machining centers used for


The definition of CNC machining technology

CNC(Computerized Numerical Control) Machining is used to perform a wide range of manufacturing tasks which are controlled by programming language  accuracy. The earliest numerical control machines date to the 1940s when motors were first employed to control the movement of pre-existing tools. As technologies advanced, the mechanisms were enhanced with analog computers, and ultimately with digital computers, which led to the rise of CNC machining. These machines also allow for a more automated control to improve productivity.

When complex cuts are required at different levels and angles on the workpiece, all cuts can be made in minutes on a CNC machine. As long as the machine is programmed with the correct code, the machine functions follow the instructions of the software. If everything is coded according to design, then a product of detail and technical value should appear after the process is complete.

The overview of CNC machining services

NC machining is a process of forming metal, plastic, wood, foam plastic, composite materials and other materials by using computer control to operate machines and tools. Although CNC process provides a variety of functions and operations, the basic principle of the process has not changed. The basic process of NC machining includes the following stages:

  • Designing the CAD model

  • Converting the CAD file to a CNC program

  • Preparing the CNC machine

  • Executing the machining operation


Types of CNC machines

Some of the more common CNC machining processes include ultrasonic welding, hole-punching and laser cutting. The most frequently used machines in CNC systems include the following:

l  CNC Mills

CNC milling machine can run a program consisting of digital and alphabetical prompts to guide the workpiece across different distances. Mill programming can be based on G code or some unique language developed by the manufacturing team.


l  Lathes

The high precision and high speed cutting of machine tool is realized by using numerical control technology. CNC lathes are used to produce complex designs, which are impossible to manually run versions of machines. Generally speaking, the control functions of NC milling machine and lathe are similar. Like the former, lathes can be guided by G code or unique proprietary code.

l  Plasma Cutters

In a plasma cutter, material is cut with a plasma torch. The process is foremost applied to metal materials but can also be employed on other surfaces.

l  Electric Discharge Machines

EDM, also known as die and spark processing, is a kind of processing technology to cast workpieces into specific shapes. In EDM, current discharges occur between two electrodes to remove the part of a given workpiece. Subtypes of EDM include EDM and EDM.

l  Water Jet Cutters

In CNC machining, water jets are tools that cut hard materials, such as granite and metal, with high-pressure applications of water. In some cases, the water is mixed with sand or some other strong substance. Water jets are employed as a cooler alternative for materials that are unable to bear the heat-intensive processes of other CNC machines. As such, water jets are used in a range of sectors, such as the aerospace and mining industries.



Further uses of CNC machining technology

CNC machining technology is used to make highly detailed cuts out of metal pieces for industrial hardware products. In additional to the aforementioned machines, further tools and components used within CNC systems include:

  • Embroidery      machines

  • Wood      routers

  • Turret      punchers

  • Wire-bending      machines

  • Foam      cutters

  • Laser      cutters

  • Cylindrical      grinders

  • 3D      printers

  • Glass      cutters


Some industries the CNC machining centers  used for

Metal cutting industry: Metal cutting industry removes metal from raw materials to meet the requirements.

Metal Manufacturing: In many industries, sheets such as steel sheets need to be used for various purposes. In manufacturing, processing operations are carried out on these sheets.

EDM industry: EDM machines remove metals by generating sparks, thereby burning them. There are two types of NC automatic EDM: vertical EDM and linear EDM.

Other industries using CNC machine tools: CNC machine tools are also widely used in the wood processing industry to perform various operations, such as alignment (similar to milling) and drilling. CNC technology is also used in many engraving and engraving systems. There are also CNC machines used in the electrical industry, such as CNC winder, CNC terminal positioning and welding machines.


In this article, we have a brief introduction of CNC machining services from some aspects: what is CNC machining technology, the overview of how it works, the types of CNC machine and further uses. We just include only a few points about CNC machining technology. For more information, please contact us.

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