Control function and regular inspection of CNC milling machine
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Control function and regular inspection of CNC milling machine

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The point placement control of the CNC milling machine is generally made use of for the hole handling of the workpiece, such as center boring, boring, reaming, countersinking, reaming and also boring as well as various other opening processing operations.


Continuous control feature

Via the linear interpolation, round interpolation or facility curve interpolation motion of the CNC milling machine, the airplane as well as bent surface area of the work surface can be milled.


Tool radius payment function If you program straight according to the contour line of the workpiece, the actual contour line will be bigger by one device distance worth when refining the inner contour of the workpiece; when the outer shape of the workpiece is refined, the actual contour line will certainly be smaller by one tool distance worth. Utilizing the method of tool distance payment, the CNC milling machine system instantly calculates the device center trajectory, so that the tool facility deviates from the contour of the workpiece by a tool distance value, thus processing a shape that fulfills the demands of the illustration. Making use of the tool radius payment feature, altering the device radius payment amount can likewise compensate the device wear quantity and machining mistake, and also realize the rough machining and also finishing of the work surface.


The device size settlement function changes the compensation amount of the tool size, can compensate the size variance value of the tool after the device adjustment, can likewise alter the aircraft position of the reducing procedure, as well as regulate the axial positioning accuracy of the device.


Set cycle processing feature

The application of canned cycle processing guidelines can simplify the processing procedures and lower the workload of programs.


Subroutine feature

If processing the very same or comparable part of the workpiece, compose it right into a subroutine and call it by the major program, thus streamlining the program structure. The CNC milling device utilizes the feature of subprograms to modularize the processing program, which is separated right into numerous components according to the working procedures of the handling process, which are specifically written right into subprograms, which are called by the primary program to complete the processing of the work surface. This modular program is convenient for refining debugging and also optimizing processing modern technology.


The key to the precautionary security of CNC milling equipment is to strengthen day-to-day maintenance. The primary maintenance jobs consist of the following:


Daily examination

The main items include hydraulic system, pin smoothing system, guideway smoothing system, cooling down system, and air pressure system. Daily evaluation is based on the regular conditions of each system to be checked. For example, when inspecting the progress of the pin smooth system, the power light ought to get on and the oil pump needs to operate typically. If the power light is not on, the spindle needs to be stopped as well as get in touch with the mechanical designer. Make fixings.


Weekly examination

Its main items consist of machine tool components and a spindle smoothing system, which need to be checked properly every week, specifically for device parts to remove iron filings and tidy up outside debris.


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