How does a Precision Metal Stamping technology make metal plate is 100% flat as ever
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How does a Precision Metal Stamping technology make metal plate is 100% flat as ever

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The flatness of the punching plate is required very precise, as the hole punching plate is very popular to be used in a variety of stamping industries. That means after punching, the plates must be flat and traceless. However, the use of ordinary punching die components, the stainless steel punching plate after stamping will be significantly deformed. Today for everyone, we are pleased to introduce a wonderful metal stamping mold, which was punching plate processing, smooth as ever, do not need additional smoothing process! Miracle!

Firstly, take a rough watch on the flash video.

punch hole stamping flash.gif

Its so flat, right? Now let us share the metal stamping process videos:

So, what is the principle of metal stamping, and how does it works?


High Precision Metal Stamping working Principle

In a special (three to force) on the press, with special structure of the mold, under the strong action, so that the material plastic - shear deformation, resulting in high-quality fine blanking pieces. Fine blanking process requires three forces, blanking force PS, blank holder force PR and anti-pressure PG.


How does precision metal stamping works?

  a) loading the material into Stamping die;

  b) when the mold is closed, the material inside and outside the cutting edge (blanking line) is pressed by the ring gear force and back pressure;

  c) blanking force PS blanking material, blank holder force PR and PG the entire process of effective compression;

  d) the end of the slider stroke, the punch in the die, the inner hole into the blanking punch punch;

  e) blank holder force PR and anti-pressure PG unloading, mold open;

  f) In the application of force at the position of the ring gear, at this time the role of: ejection of the inner hole waste and remove stamping edge unloading force PRA;

  g) In the application of anti-pressure position, at this time the role of: from the die top punch force PGA;

  h) Blowing off or cleaning of fine blanking parts and bores. Material delivery completed;

  i)The next round of fine red, into the material.


Notes:1-Convex Die 2-Anti-pressing plate 3- Hole Punching die - 4-Stamping material 5-V-shaped blank holder 6-Outer Die 7-Stamping Die mandrel

 precision stamping diagram .jpg

Well, a good question for us, what is the difference between precision metal stamping and normal stamping technology?


Precision metal stamping is a non-cutting technology, which is a precision Punching method developed on general blanking technology. It can achieve higher dimensional accuracy than blanking parts in a single stamping stroke, with bright blanking surface, small warpage and interchangeable Good quality fine blanking parts, and lower the cost to achieve product quality improvement.


The main difference between precision metal stamping and normal stamping technology is that the mold structure and lead to the difference between the nature of the process. The picture below shows the comparison of mold structure of two processes:

Precision stamping difference.jpg


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