The way of Calibrating CNC Milling Machine
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The way of Calibrating CNC Milling Machine

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Whether you are a shop or contract manufacturer, it is important to check repeatedly whether your CNC milling machine is protecting your capital investment. Whether you want to maximize capacity or just protect your day-to-day operations, CNC milling machine maintenance and CNC milling machine calibration are all indispensable practices you need to follow. Calibration must be performed to ensure a high degree of repeatability in the shop floor. To extend the life of your equipment and ensure continued uptime, review the guide below.


1. Maintenance programs

2. Plan downtime in advance

3. Perform a quick check test

4. Outline Your Maintenance Plan

5. Maintenance Drivers

6. Creating your own predictive

7. Selecting Predictive




Maintenance programs

Preventive maintenance procedures or PDM procedures are used to reduce milling machine downtime and measure project quality by predicting problems before they occur.   

Four main programs to simplify maintenance and calibration:

Reliability and maintainability

milling machine tool variability management system

Failure mode and effective analysis

Comprehensive production maintenance

These programs, when adjacent, can skillfully predict when a CNC milling machine will become intolerant, fail, or require calibration. Although the calibration will be discussed further, the first focus is on maintenance.



Plan downtime in advance

Your workplace requires planned downtime to reduce downtime. During critical production, you need to monitor the CNC milling machine, collect data, use a combination of industrial instruments and perform analysis efficiently. If you don't have a plan on how to collect and store your data, you may be overwhelmed by these numbers.

You need to collect historical collections of internal data. This data will greatly assist the maintenance process when used with the above programs. Vibration analysis, calibration indicators and infrared thermal imaging equipment are also needed



Perform a quick check test

Next, perform a quick inspection test on any CNC milling machine in production. While the industry PDM program is designed to reduce workplace downtime, the weekly quick check program will reduce the service time of everyday CNC milling machines. Therefore, you need to integrate fast inspection techniques with PDM programs to evaluate, predict, and reduce CNC milling machine downtime.


Outline Your Maintenance Plan

Before entering a predictive or preventive maintenance program, you should understand the scope of maintenance that needs to be performed. Everyone in the company needs to be committed to maintenance.

First, the filter and oil should be replaced regularly. Most preventive maintenance programs require additional steps during filter and oil change, depending on the CNC milling machine. This maintains a high degree of repeatability and extends the life of the unit.

Next, preventive maintenance needs to be checked by an electronic diagnostic monitoring tool. For a full CNC milling machine check, your in-house poker will need to check the motor, drive, cable, amplifier, HMI and any other electronics associated with the milling machine. Every should be inspected and repaired when needed.



Maintenance Drivers

Regular PDM plans require two full inspections per CNC milling machine per year. During these inspections, attention is required to the vibration analysis and overall micron-level accuracy. After measuring these data, you need to use the milling machine's baseline data, the previous year's data and the newly acquired data to analyze the data. Together, these data sets can create "predictions" about the milling machine. Maintenance, calibration, and any failures that may occur in the near future.


Creating your own predictive

CNC milling machine tools can vary, and standard PDM processes may not be able to accommodate all processed, all components and different types of milling machines. For this reason, every PDM program requires a long creation process. Your own PDM program will be comprised of many steps, which will firstly identify the thing that incorporated with CNC milling machine’s tools and secondly determine the technologies needed to measure, monitor and derive data from CNC milling machine tool operation.


Selecting Predictive

Every PDM program requires several elements which should be accessible to your purchased equipment. Since equipment is as varied as a CNC milling machine can be, you should take care in purchasing maintenance equipment able to conduct CNC milling machine diagnostics, CNC milling machine tool condition monitoring and data analysis and corrective action creation.


Above are the points of the calibration of CNC milling machine. People who operate CNC milling machine need to pay more attention to it and make sure that the milling machine could be protected well.

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