Why Choose CNC Machining
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Why Choose CNC Machining

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Among many options of machining, most people will choose CNC machining, why? Why people prefer CNC machining to other methods of machining? What is the advantage of CNC machining? Will it change in the future? This article will inform you of the advantages of CNC machining which make people like it, also, this article will talk about the future of CNC machining.


List: 1. Advantages of CNC Machining

        2. The Future of CNC Machining


Advantages of CNC Machining

    High Machining Accuracy

CNC's digital template and automatic processing virtually eliminate human errors and achieve accuracy within 1/1000. CNC processing tools are controlled by precisely programmed computer systems and processed according to instructions given in digital form without manual intervention, eliminating errors caused by operators. In addition, in the design and manufacture of CNC machine tools, many measures have been taken to make the mechanical parts of CNC machine tools achieve higher accuracy.


    Reduce the workforce of mechanics

CNC machine tools can work for hours unattended. A mechanic can supervise many CNC machine tools after programming. It allows operators to focus on other tasks. This also allows companies to save money by retaining fewer operators.


    Flexible processing capability

CNC processing has very flexible production capacity and can be used to manufacture customized parts. CNC machine tools can be completely reprogrammed in a very short time to produce completely different products. This allows them to quickly make shirts into another component. In addition, they can store programs that could be extracted and used at any time in the past, which makes it flexible to make unlimited types and small orders.


    High Processing Productivity

Unlike humans, CNC machines can operate around the clock as required. They stop working only when they need maintenance or repair. As long as you perform routine maintenance checks, these machines can run completely uninterrupted. CNC machine tools also work much faster than human mechanics. Because they are faster and do not need rest, CNC processing has excellent high productivity.


    Stable processing quality

Because the CNC machine is controlled by computer programming software, it can generate the same parts with the same precision again and again once the design is input into the computer. CNC processing process does not need manual intervention to produce stable quality parts. You can even update and improve the software that powers these machines on a regular basis to further improve consistency and reliability.


    Complex Machining Parts

CNC machining can produce complex surfaces, which are difficult to be processed by conventional methods. Computer aided design (CAD) software is used to create 3D design of final components. When it is fed into a computer of a CNC machine tool, the machine can accurately draw the material out of the material. Components with complex shapes can be easily created without consuming too much time.


The Future of CNC Machining

     High Speed and High Power

High-speed milling has shown great advantages in die cutting. In order to adapt to die cavity surface, the radius of tool should be less than the minimum circumference radius of cavity surface, so as to avoid interference between tool and workpiece. Because the tool diameter is small, the spindle speed is required to be very high, and the other parts of the cavity and die parts are thick and fine, which are often completed in one clamp, so the spindle power is high.


     Development of Special CNC Cutting Oil

Special CNC cutting oil is a kind of medium which must be used in CNC cutting process. It mainly plays the roles of lubrication, cooling and cleaning in the process. Due to the continuous improvement of cutting tools, equipment and technology in high-speed cutting, vulcanized extreme pressure and anti-wear additives are usually used as the core components of new cutting oil, which can effectively protect cutting tools and improve process accuracy in ultra-high-speed cutting process.


     Large-scale Machine Tool Equipment

As the die is developing towards large-scale, the die of several tons to dozens of tons is very common, so it requires the machine table to bear large weight, which requires that the equipment must have the characteristics of large load-bearing and high rigidity, and also must have a large enough table size and stroke to adapt to it. In addition, the strength and hardness of die materials are very high, and small diameter end milling cutters with large elongation are often used to cut die cavity, so the process is prone to flutter. In order to ensure the accuracy and surface quality of parts, high-speed machine tools used in die manufacturing must have high dynamic and static stiffness to improve the positioning accuracy, tracking accuracy and anti-vibration ability of machine tools.


     Multi-axis linkage and good comprehensive cutting ability of deep-hole cavity

The die cavity is mostly composed of complex space hexagonal surface and groove, and many die have deep hole cavity. In order to achieve high accuracy, high speed and high stability of 3D surface, multi-axis linkage is needed, and it has good comprehensive cutting ability of deep hole cavity. Five-axis linkage center can be used, in addition to the linear motion of three coordinates, there are two rotating coordinates of the feed motion. The milling head or operating table can be continuously rotated by multi-axis linkage, so it is suitable for the die parts with complex cavity surface.


From this article, we hope that you can get the point of the benefits of using CNC machining and we also hope you have faith in the development of CNC machining.

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