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  • What we can do for your concept or design?

    From the designing process, we provide design feedback on:
    The estimate cost(unit price and tooling cost) of each different manufacturing process
    The MOQ, Lead time of each manufacturing process.
    Prototypes for design verification.
  • What is the service of your design feedback?

    We provides design feedback like : Check if the design has tooling ejection difficulty. 
    Check if the components of the assembly have any mechanical structure interference.
    Check if the design reaches the minimum wall thickness requirement of the chosen manufacturing process.
    Propose the locations of the injection gate, parting line, ejection pin and related mark (protruded or concaved) that will be left.
    Provide the Minimum Order Qty for customer's reference for stock plan.
    Provide the material certificate for customer's review when drawing specified material has no availability in manufacturing locations. 
    Provide the analysis between tolerance precision and cost.
  • How do you guys provide customers with Dedicated Teamwork?

    we assign a team to manage your project / product. Our team includes project manager, R&D engineer, QC inspectors and shipping specialist. From planning, development to production, the team will ensure the best quality and the most effective and efficient logistics management.
  • What service does NINGBO OEM provide ?

    We provides design feedback and quote service for customer’s new project. We provides manufacturing management for components of multi-process, such as Plastic Injection, Stamping, Machining, Zinc die-casting, Aluminum Die-casting, Forging, Sand casting, Investment Casting, Laser cutting, Extrusion, Rubber Molding, Metal Injection Molding, Powder Metallurgy, Surface finish, Assembly service, and etc.. We manufactures parts, inspects the parts, assembles the components to the finish assembly, do function check of the finish assembly by AQL or by 100% upon customers request..
  • What does NINGBO OEM do to make sure the tooling is opened correctly ?

    Before opening the tooling, our R&D team will do input review for projects. The input review includes checking the complete product requests like material, dimension, tolerance, surface finish. Propose the tooling DFM (location of injection gate, parting line, ejection pin, draft angle and etc..)  With precise input review, tooling can be opened precisely to meet customers' expectation and also has good tooling life for production run.
  • What's the quick quality track service at NINGBO OEM ?

    Each production run, We will retain 1pc shipping sample at office, once customers reflect any quality problem,we can check the shipping sample right away instead of waiting for the returned sample.
  • What Quality papers will you provide for shipments?

    Inspection reports, material certificate, plating certificate and etc..
  • How do you build up the inspection criteria for production parts?

    During the first article submit process, we discuss with customers for critical dimensions, function test. Once the first article is approved, we propose the inspection criteria for customer's review and approval. Once receiving customers' approval, the agreed inspection criteria will be released for inspection guide line for production parts before delivery.
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