Surface Treatment
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Surface Treatment

We are capable of conducting and managing various surface treatment with high quality standards
We have set up a good cooperation with several plating sub-suppliers for many years. We are always trying best to save the finishing cost, control the finishing quality and delivery time for our customers

We offer a full ranges of plating and finishing options:
 Deburring: Manual deburr (inside); glass-bead spray(sub-contract); Ultrasonic deburr
 Cleaning: Chemical degrease(inside); Ultrasonic cleaning(sub-contract)
 Polish: Mechanical polish(inside); Satin(grain) finish(inside);mirror polish(inside); Electro polish(pickle-and polish sub contract)
  Coating: E-coating (Per ASTM standard, Salt spray (cross-hatch test) 336 Hrs pass); Powder coating (Du pont powder or customer nominated powder), standard DuPont powder can achieve 1000 Hrs salt spray test pass; Liquid painting (Per ASTM standard, achieve 720 Hrs salt spray test pass). All coating processes are sub-contracted due to the environmental limits.
ü Plating: Zinc plating (white, blue&white, black color), nickel plating(copper based); hot dipped galvanize, Chrome plating and polish; Gold/Silver plating. All processes are Rohs compliant. All plating processes are sub-contracted due to the environmental limits.
  Passivation and oxidation:  Stainless Steel passivation; Aluminum oxidation/anodization (with required color); Black oxide coating, self-color coating, etc. These processes are sub-contracted.
RoHs compliant: We acknowledged and confirmed that all the parts with above different finishing job are in compliance with Directive 2002/95/EC of European Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 2003 on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronics equipment (RoHS Directives). The stated component/s is/are deem as compliant as accord to definitions given in the directives (refer to directives).
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