Types of metal fabrication
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Types of metal fabrication

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There are three main types of metal stamping technology: progressive, four-slide and deep drawing. The following is an introduction to the types of metal stamping and the types of stamping parts, which we hope will be helpful to you when you are selecting stamping parts. If you are still not sure what kind of stamping to choose for your project, you can contact our expert team and we will be happy to help you.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of stamping parts:


  • What is metal stamping?

A manufacturer may have to change tools repeatedly on a single press or occupy multiple presses, each performing one of the operations required to complete the part. Even when multiple presses are used, secondary machining services are often required to actually complete a part. For this reason, progressive die stamping is the ideal solution for metal parts with complex geometries to meet.

Faster turnaround

Lower labor costs

Shorter run lengths

Higher repeatability


  • Progressive die stamping

Progressive die stamping has multiple stations, each with a unique function.

Let's take a look at progressive die stamping. First, the strip metal is fed through the progressive press. The strip unfolds smoothly from the coil and enters the die press, and then each station in the tool performs a different cut, punch or bend. The actions of each successive station are added to the work of the previous stations to form a complete part.


  • Deep Drawing Stamping

Deep drawing involves drawing a sheet of metal into a die by means of a punch to shape it. When the depth of the drawn part exceeds its diameter, the method is called "deep drawing". This type of forming is ideal for manufacturing parts that require multiple series of diameters and is a cost-effective alternative to the turning process, which typically requires more raw material consumption. Common applications and products made from deep drawing include

Automotive parts

Aircraft parts

Electronic relays

Tableware and cookware


  • Short-term Stamping

Short-term metal stamping requires minimal upfront tooling costs and is the ideal solution for prototypes or small projects. After creating the blank, the manufacturer uses a combination of custom tooling components and die inserts to bend, punch or drill the part. Custom molding operations and smaller run sizes may result in higher per-part costs, but the absence of tooling costs can make short-term runs more cost effective for many projects, especially those requiring quick turnaround.


  •  Four Slides Stamping

Four slides, or multiple slides, involve horizontal alignment and four different slides; in other words, four tools are used simultaneously to shape the workpiece. This process allows for complex cutting and intricate bending to develop the most complex parts.

Four slides metal stamping offers several advantages over traditional stamping, making it ideal for many applications. Some of these advantages include

Versatility for more complex parts

More flexible design changes

As the name implies, four slides have four slides - meaning that up to four different tools can be used, one for each slide, to achieve multiple bends at the same time. When material is fed into the four slides, it is bent in rapid succession by each axis of the equipped tool.





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