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Rubber Parts

We are the leader in custom molded rubber and silicone products. We have been in the custom molded rubber and silicone industry for over 15 years and can produce any custom molded rubber or silicone part to meet your needs. If you need custom made rubber or silicone products then we have the technology to help you design your product, build a mold, and manufacture the part all in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

With the many rubber molding, rubber extrusion and Rubber-to-metal Bonding techniques, the possibilities for rubber parts – in shape, size, color and materials – is virtually limitless. The process from initial concept to finished product is relatively quick and low cost, and with the added expertise from our customer service representative, designing the part that will perfectly address your needs is always achievable.

Available materials for rubber parts

Natural RubberNeopreneEPDM



HNBRFluorocarbonBUTYLBUNA Nitrile  (BUNAN) Food/Medical Grade MaterialsIsopreneA/N 930/MS-35489

Product Development Process

  1. Provide us with a drawing for your part or work with one of our customer service representatives to design the part you need.

  2. We’ll provide you with an estimate.

  3. We’ll create the mold and prototype.

  4. If it works for you, we’ll get it into production and give you a projected delivery date.

  5. Your custom parts are delivered as scheduled.

Whether you know your specs or you need help designing just the right rubber parts, we’ll custom the rubber parts that will work for you perfectly. Let’s start on your rubber product today.

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