Lost Wax Casting
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Lost Wax Casting

Before secondary CNC machining job, we have good foundry factories who supply us with stainless steel investment casting, die casting, sandy casting etc.at very competitive cost.
It is also called lost-wax casting, one of the precise casting processes that is able to manufacture the part to the exact shape based on drawing reducing the need of secondary machining process.
 Process : Stainless steel Investment Casting (Lost Wax)
 Capability: Casting weight Max: 1000 kgs, min: 5g
 Cast hole min: Ø 3mm
 Wall thickness min: 1.5mm
 Roughness: Ra3.2-6.3μm Material: Stainless Steel、Carbon Steel、Aluminum,Copper.etc.
Things to Consider When Choosing Casting Materials
* Level of volume required
* Cost-effectiveness
* Melting temperature
* Cooling speed
* Wear resistance
* Weight
* Damping capabilities
Industrial Casting Applications
Casting is used in a large number of manufacturing process and plays an important role in construction. Many industries depend heavily on casting to create uniform products. Some of the leading markets for casting materials are:
* Automotive and Light Truck
* Pipe and Fittings
* Construction, Mining and Oilfield Machinery
* Internal Combustion Engines
* Railroad
* Valves
* Farm Equipment
* Municipal Castings
Lost Wax Casting Procedure
China OEM Metal Parts Manufacctuer -Custom CNC Machining , CNC Turning , CNC Milling & Metal Stamping Parts. Material Involved in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Plastic, etc.




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