What are the considerations in dealing with sheet metal part?
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What are the considerations in dealing with sheet metal part?

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With the improvement of the quality of life, metal stamping parts have penetrated into various fields. Whether it is industrial production or daily life, many places use metal stamping parts, which are closely related to our lives and cannot be separated. When it comes to what do you need to consider when dealing with sheet metal fabrication parts, how much do you know about them?


Here comes the context:

What are considerations in processing sheet metal fabrication parts?

What are advantages of sheet metal part working?

What is meaning of sheet metal fabrication parts personalized innovation?


What are considerations in processing sheet metal fabrication parts?

A press working craft in which a stamping parts die is used to apply pressure to a profile on a pressure device to give rise to plastic change to obtain a workpiece of a wanted shape and size. For the reason that the stamping parts progress is usually done at room degree, the profile being stamped is usually a sheet; in order to distinguish it from other metal stamping parts progressing crafts, the stamping progress is also referred to as cold stamping or sheet forming.


The stamping working has to a certain degree production efficiency, convenient operation, and easy unmanned driver. This is begive rise to stamping relies on molds and stamping equipment to complete the working. Common stamping parts punches can arrive dozens of strokes per minute, to a certain degree-speed punches can arrive hundreds or even thousands of times per minute, and each stroke can be obtained by one or more punch presses.


What are advantages of sheet metal part working?

Compared with the methods of machining and plastic working, stamping parts working has many special superiorities in terms of both technical and economic aspects, mainly in the following four types.

1.        Nice dimensional accuracy

The stamping die has the ability to ensure the dimensional and shape accuracy of the stamping during the stamping progress. Normally, the surface level of the stamped profile is not damaged, and its mold life is generally longer. Therefore, the level of the stamping parts is stable and the interchangeability is good, and the error between the stamping parts of the same batch is extremely small to negligible.

2.        Excellent shaping ability

Stamping sheet metal fabrication parts craft can work on parts with large size range and complicated shape, as large as the longitudinal beam and cover of the car, plus the cold shape change ability hardening effect of the profile during stamping, thus giving rise to severity of sheet metal fabrication parts.

3.        Little loss

Custom metal stamping parts stamping almost does not bring chips into existence, and it consumes less profiles than other production working, and does not require other heating equipment. It is an energy-saving, green and healthy working method.

4.        Low cost

The cost of stamping parts is low. However, the touch tool used in the stamping working generally has specialty. Sometimes a complex stamping part requires several sets of molds to be formed, and the mold has nice precision and restrict technical standard, and is a skill-intensive product. Therefore, only in the case of large batch production of stamping parts, the advantages of stamping working can be fully reflected, thus obtaining better economic benefits.


What is meaning of sheet metal fabrication parts personalized innovation?

Domestic sheet metal fabrication parts processing enterprises attach great importance to market segmentation, which is worth learning from other small and medium-sized hardware processing enterprises. Enterprises should take advantage of their high flexibility, further market segmentation, and find a market for individualized consumer demand for blank hardware processing market consumers who have not yet met consumer demand.


Such markets are often overlooked by large sheet metal fabrication parts because they are too small to be suitable for mass production. The small and medium sheet metal fabrication parts processing enterprises have limited funds and are very suitable for such products with small demand and variety. In addition, sheet metal fabrication parts companies need to conduct more market research to understand consumer product preferences and hidden needs. Such requirements generally do not require high technology content, but after personalized product design, production, and market launch. But it can meet the needs of consumers well. When the demand for sheet metal fabrication parts changes, it can also respond quickly and flexibly to meet the new needs of consumers in a timely manner. These can effectively improve the minds of consumers in the eyes of consumers.


Moreover, the individualized innovation of the products avoids the positive competition with the sheet metal fabrication parts in the market competition, and provides the space for the company to gradually accumulate funds and expand the scale.


Ningbo OEM Industry Manufacturer Co., Ltd. shares the sales of the products with the company in real time, so that the stamped parts company can find the shortcomings of the marketing strategy and make necessary adjustments. We have been producing sheet metal fabrication parts for more than ten years and have been proud for our stamped parts performance and technology. Welcome customers to come to our customer service.

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