What trouble may you have when using the stamping parts?
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What trouble may you have when using the stamping parts?

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Many stampers who have just started to work and feel very good operation on the seeing of the metal stamping parts machine. Metal stamping parts craft device is a relatively dangerous mechanical equipment. It is also necessary to know the operating specifications of the punching machine. What troubles might you encounter during process the metal stamping parts? How should these troubles be solved?


Here comes the context:

1.        What trouble may you encounter during processing stamped parts?

2.        What should do you to prevent danger during process of stamped parts?

3.        What troubles does metal stamping parts industry face?


What trouble may you encounter during processing stamped parts?

According to the analysis of the causes of general stamping parts accidents, the accidents in the stamping parts work are mainly caused by the following reasons:

1.        The danger of the structure of the punch itself.

Most of the stamping parts punches at this stage still use rigid clutches. Once the clutch connection is running, it is necessary to complete a stamping cycle before the slider stops. If the hand of the stamping worker cannot be taken out of the stamping parts mold in time during the undershooting process, a stamping injury accident may occur.

2.        The stamping failure

When the press of stamped parts is in operation, it will produce shock and vibration. Over time, the parts of the press will be deformed, worn or even broken, which will cause the punch to run out of control and cause continuous crash. This is a very dangerous situation.

3.        Punch switch failure

The switch of the stamped parts press has failed due to artificial or prolonged lack of maintenance, resulting in failure during the stamping process.

4.        Unreasonable stamping die design

Stamping die is the basis for the production of stamping parts. The design of stamping die is unreasonable, which will greatly increase the possibility of stamping accidents. Normal stamping dies can also wear, deform, or damage as the use time increases, resulting in an accident.


What should do you to prevent danger during process of stamped parts?

1.        Safety tools

In the stamping process, the safety blank is used to put the stamped parts blank into the mold and take out the stamped parts and waste to realize the mold work, avoiding the hand directly into the mold and ensuring the safety of the worker.

2.        Protection of stamping die working area

(1)   Install a guard around the stamping die.

(2)   Reasonable design of the mold is the reduction of the dangerous area of the stamping mold.

(3)   Design automatic or mechanical feeding.

3.        Punch safety protection

The slider will only start when the puncher's hands press both buttons simultaneously. This completely eliminates the possibility that the worker puts his hand into the mold and the stamping parts punch starts. There is also another installation of a safety grating punch is equivalent to forming a protected area for the entire hazardous area. When the worker enters the safety grating protection area, the punch cannot be started.


What troubles does metal stamping parts industry face?

The challenges faced by the metal stamping parts manufacturing industry, with the development of the international market and the improvement of foreign productivity, the advantages of China's metal stamping parts manufacturing industry are gradually weakening or even losing.


The product series is single and lacks the competitiveness of the international market. The residents of our country have low requirements for metal stamping parts used in building decoration and home, mainly pursuing quality and reliability, and rarely consider the comfort and aesthetics of use; but in foreign markets, especially In the European and American markets, customers often consider additional requirements such as aesthetics and ergonomics on the premise of considering the high quality of stamped parts.


Taking cabinet door support of stamped parts as an example, domestic customers mainly require door support to play a good supporting role. It can be opened and closed many times; however, in addition to the above requirements, customers in the European and American markets also require the door support to have damping characteristics, to prevent the elastic shock when the door is opened, and even to the angle and direction of opening the door to make the use of space more reasonable.

The troubles of the development of the stamped parts industry cannot be solved overnight. Only by constantly innovating, grasping the details, and thinking of things that others can't think of, every supplier can do this to inspire the vitality of the entire stamped parts industry.


When using the stamped parts processing machine, be sure to prepare personal protective equipment and tools for work, and remove the work-independent items piled around the punching machine to make the environment clean and tidy. Ningbo OEM Industry Manufacturer Co., Ltd. provides you with the refined stamped parts that have been processed. We are your most loyal partner and will be happy to serve you for any troubles about stamped parts.

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