What is the principle of stamping parts manufacturing?
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What is the principle of stamping parts manufacturing?

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The stamping parts supplier team mostly has a young team concept and high plasticity advantage, and can be effectively played in this year's stamping parts trade market. Regardless of whether you are a user or a purchaser of metal stamping parts, you should have an understanding of its processing.


Here comes the context:

1.        How are stamping parts be produced?

2.        How to deal with deformation of metal stamping parts?

3.        What will be processing philosophy for future stamping parts?


How are stamping parts be produced?

The stamping parts are worked as follows. The upper die of the constituent mold should be fixed to the upper die straightforwardly, and is connected to the punch slider through the metal stamping parts die handle. The zeros fixed to the lower mold constitute the lower mold of the mold and are fixed to the table of the punch by the press plate. The upper mold and the lower mold are guided by the control of computer system.


During operation, the strip of metal stamping parts is fed into the position by the stopper. When the upper mold is lowered with the slider, the unloading first presses the sheet, and then the material on the concave surface is convexly punched to obtain the workpiece. At this time, the workpiece is stuck in the punch and the top block, and the scrap is tightly hung on the punch.


When the upper mold is raised, the workpiece is ejected from the top of the die by the spring force of the top block by the top plate; at the same time, the scrap material hung on the punch is removed by the spring force of the discharge plate, and then the metal stamping parts workpiece is taken away, thus completing the entire blanking process. Then the strip is fed into a step for the next metal stamping parts blanking process, and so on.


How to deal with deformation of metal stamping parts?

Heat treatment is indispensable during the working of stamping parts. For the stamping parts, the heat treatment progress may cause deformation, so how to deal with it?

1.        Reasonable material selection.

For precision and complex molds, the material of metal stamping parts should be micro-deformed die steel. Die steel with carbide segregation to a no optimistic extend should be reasonably forged heat treatment, and the solid steel is solidified to refine the large, non-forgeable mold steel.

2.        Reasonable mold structure design

When designing the stamping parts mold structure, it is necessary to consider the design as reasonable as possible. The thickness of the mold of each stamping part cannot be too different, the shape should be symmetrical, and the law of deformation can be mastered to eliminate the scrapping of the stamping parts. The balance should be reserved. Large precision stamping parts molds can be combined.

3.        Pre-heat treatment

In advance do heat craft of precision and complex metal stamping parts molds to eliminate residual stress generated during machining.

4.        Proper degrees choice

Reasonably choose the heating degrees for metal stamping parts, and strictly control the heating rate of custom metal part. For complex metal stamping parts, it is possible to use a balanced heating method such as slow heating and preheating to reduce the heat craft means deformation of the mold.


What will be processing philosophy for future stamping parts?

Most of demotic custom metal part suppliers have the advantage of a young team with high plasticity, which can be effectively played here. At the same time, the author believes that the prolonged development of the river as a new global theme of the world has new business opportunities for the development of small and medium-sized hardware processing enterprises in our country. Today's consumers pay more and more attention to green consumption. The use of products will not affect the health. The development of traditional hardware processing industry has always brought more or less to the consumer at the expense of the environment.


Therefore, quantities of stamping parts suppliers should give full play to the innovation of “battalion” and start from the prolonged development marketing concept to guide the green materials of products. Green production ultimately implements green marketing, which gives consumers a sense of security and a sense of the times, and ultimately creates a good atmosphere for the prolonged development of enterprises.


Most of the stamped parts supplier company members are less than other large enterprises, so their structure is relatively clear, and the addition of fruit can be scientifically and effectively stamping parts management, which will open the market for custom metal part enterprises. Ningbo OEM Industry Manufacturer Co., Ltd. only produces the best metal stamping parts, and welcomes consumers to come and buy.

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