16 tips that you must learn for CNC machining programming
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16 tips that you must learn for CNC machining programming

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CNC maching programming is a very important procedure when we make oem metal parts, Ningbo OEM Industry Manufacturer Ltd. operate it with strict and secure programming. You may want to know how we program our CNC machining parts.


Here’s a list of quick, easy, and effective advices for CNC machined programs.

1. White Steel cutter speed cannot be too fast.

2. Don’t use white steel cutter for Copper Machining, But do use more multi-purpose cutter or alloy cutter.

3. When the work piece is too high, should be stratified with different length cutter open coarse.

4. bold with a cutter, the application of a cutter and then remove excess material, to ensure the same margin before the light cutter.

5. Flat surface flat cnc milling cutter processing, less ball cutter processing, in order to reduce processing time.

6. Copper workers clear angle, first check the size of the corner R, and then determine how big the ball cutter.

7. Make sure four corners is flat to machining surface.

8. Where the slope is an integer, the use of slope knife processing, such as pipe bit.

9. Before making each operation, make sure the remaining amount after the previous operation is processed, in order to avoid empty cutter or excessive machining.

10. try to go a simple turning path, such as shape, digging, single-sided, less walking contour.

11. When machining the WCUT, FINISH machining is much more helpful than ROUGH machining.

12. Profile CNC cutter, the first slick, then fine, the work piece is too high, the first light edge, and then the end of the light.

13. Reasonable tolerances to balance the processing accuracy and computer computing time. Open coarse, the tolerance set to 1/5, when the CNC milling cutter, the tolerance is set to 0.01.

14. Do a little more work to reduce the empty cutting time. Do more thinking and reduce the chance of making mistakes. A little more auxiliary line auxiliary surface, improve processing conditions.

15. Establish a sense of responsibility, double check each parameter to avoid rework.

16. Diligent in learning, good at thinking, continuous improvement.

CNC machining programming

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