What is Metal Fabrication?
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What is Metal Fabrication?

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What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is commonly seeming in our daily life. It is used in almost every area. Today, this article will introduce metal fabrication to you and we will inform you of different categories of metal fabrication. In addition, we will talk about the features of metal fabrication and the areas that metal fabrication is used.


List: 1. Definition of Metal Fabrication

         2. Categories of Metal Fabrication

         3. Features of Metal Fabrication

         4. Areas Metal Fabrication Is Used


Definition of Metal Fabrication

Metal manufacturing (metalworking) is a process technology that processes metal materials into articles, parts, and components, including large parts such as bridges and ships, and even fine components of engines, jewelry, and watches. It is widely used in different fields such as science, industry, art, and crafts.


Categories of Metal Fabrication

    Plastic forming

Plastic (forming) processing refers to the plastic deformation of a metal under stress by a mold under high temperature heating. 

    Solid molding processing

Solid molding processing means that the raw materials used are some metal strips, sheets and other solid forms that can be shaped under normal temperature conditions. Processing costs can be relatively cheap.

    Pressure processing

The production process of raw materials, blanks or parts having a certain shape, size and mechanical properties is obtained by utilizing the plastic deformation of the metal under the action of an external force, which is called press working.

    Powder metallurgy

Powder metallurgy A process that can process ferrous metal components as well as non-ferrous metal components. This includes two basic processes of mixing the alloy powder and pressing the mixture into the mold. The metal particles are formed by high temperature heating and sintering. This process does not require machine processing and raw material utilization can reach 97%. Different metal powders can be used to fill different parts of the mold.


For parts with high dimensional, shape, and positional accuracy and finer surface roughness, cutting methods are usually used. A metal cutting machine is a device that uses a tool to cut a metal blank, usually referred to as a machine tool.


Features of Metal Fabrication

    Adaptable to materials. It can be adapted to the forming of most metal materials, and has unique advantages for casting materials that are not suitable for forging and welding.

    Adaptability to the shape and size of the casting. It can produce blanks of various shapes and sizes, and is particularly suitable for the manufacture of parts with complex internal cavities.

    Casting costs are low. This is because the source of the foundry raw material is rich, and the shape of the casting is close to the part, which can reduce the amount of cutting and reduce the casting cost.


Areas Metal Fabrication Is Used

Metal products include: tools, fixtures, general hardware, bearings, locks, molds, mechanical equipment, fasteners, metal, screwdrivers, instrumentation, plumbing hardware, hardware, also, metal processing is widely used in various industrial fields, such as mining, construction, manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobiles, aerospace and energy.


-     Construction

Most architects and engineers prefer to use steel and steel products. Metal processing plants produce various kinds of steel, such as steel beams, beams, ladders, handrails and platforms, which are used to build basic structures of buildings, bridges, warehouses and various large structures.

-     Shipbuilding

Metal products are widely used in shipbuilding industry in various equipment. Some major industrial products include steel floors and grilles, ladders, hull steel plates, conveyor pipes, staircases and platforms. Metal manufacturing is also used for ship and military maintenance.

-     Space Flight

Aerospace engineering involves the design and production of aircraft for the Canadian Air Force, Navy and Army, ranging from commercial flights to complex defense aircraft. These flights are made of metal. At every stage of production, metal components are manufactured, assembled and integrated. Metal manufacturing is also used in spacecraft production.

-     Mining Industry

Iron and steel is an indispensable part of mining industry, because it is a by-product of mining industry. But the core mining process involves many machines and tools that are manufactured using metals. The equipment used in mining is shovel excavator, truck, loader and shovel. All these equipment’s are made of steel parts. The steel parts used in mining are rails, beams, rods, classifications, pipes and accessories.

-     Energy

Metal manufacturing is also used in the energy sector, including oil and gas companies, wind companies, nuclear companies and solar power companies. Some of the products used in these industries are oil and gas wells and platforms, pipelines, power turbine components, wind turbines, transmission towers, electromagnets, transformer cores and electromagnetic shielding. All these products are made of metal.


Above all, we have talked about metal fabrication and its various categories, also, we tell you several features of metal fabrication and different fields that metal fabrication can be used. We believe that this article will give you a basic understanding of metal fabrication.For your metal fabrication project,please send us your drawings for a best solution.

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