How to explain metal stamping parts?
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How to explain metal stamping parts?

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Metal stamping is a manufacturing process in which a metal stamping die or a series of metal stamping dies are used to form a sheet metal into a three-dimensionally shaped workpiece. Metal stamping parts are the contours required to cut sheet metal into sheet metal by metal stamping tools and dies. Metal stampings are used in various industries, such as automobiles and household appliances. Automotive stampings are an important part of the metal stamping industry. Next, let's introduce the metal stamping parts.


The content list of the article:


Metal stamping concept

Processing characteristics of cold stamping die

Structural classification of metal stamping dies

Metal stamping parts features


Metal stamping concept


Commonly used metal stamping is a pressure impact processing method that uses a stamping die to apply pressure to a sheet or a hot material on a punching machine to cause plastic deformation or separation to obtain a mechanical part of a desired shape and size at a normal temperature. .


Processing characteristics of cold stamping die


1 metal stamping processing is chipless processing: the metal to be processed is plastically deformed under normal temperature conditions, no chips are generated, and the metal in the deformation is work hardened.

2 The equipment used is a punch: the force required to supply the punch.

The tools used in 3 are various types of stamping dies: the stamping dies constrain the plastic deformation of the material and directly turn the material into the desired part.

4 The raw materials used are mostly metal and non-metal sheets.


Structural classification of metal stamping dies


1) According to the nature of the process, there are punching die, bending die, drawing die, forming die and cold extrusion die.

2) A single-step mold, a continuous mold, a composite mold, and the like are classified according to the combination of the steps.

3) According to the general degree of use of the mold, there are special molds, general molds and combined molds.


Metal stamping parts features


Metal stamping parts are formed by stamping process of metal stamping process and die, stamping equipment and stamping materials. The advantages of metal stamping processing are high productivity, low mold cost, no need for sheet metal cutting, and 30% savings for progressive die. The cost, but its application is limited by the depth of the stretch, the orientation and the surface hardening of the strip material of the transport, and is mainly used for simple parts with a shallow depth of stretch.


Mold is the main process equipment of metal stamping processing. The surface quality, dimensional tolerance, productivity and economic benefit of stamping parts have a great relationship with the mold structure and its rational design. According to the combination of metal stamping process, there is a simple mode of single process. Multi-process continuous and composite molds. When formulating the stamping process of the workpiece, the dispersion and concentration of the processing procedure is a relatively complicated problem. It depends on the batch size, structural shape, quality requirements, process characteristics, etc., and should be taken as much as possible for automotive stamping parts that are usually mass-produced. The process-focused solution uses a composite or progressive die for stamping, which increases productivity and enables safe production.


Metal stamping can form sheet metal very efficiently. The metal stamping die is mounted on a press, and each stroke of the press forms a workpiece. The production of metal stamping is done by metal stampers. Metal stamping dies are produced by machine tools or mold shops. Some machine tools and mold shops also produce stampings. Our company can provide professional metal stamping parts, please feel free to contact us if you need.

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