Why Choose CNC Machined Parts
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Why Choose CNC Machined Parts

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CNC machining is universally applied in mold making. Different from conventional machining, CNC machining requires advanced technology and high-tech talents. Of course, the parts made by CNC machining are completely from that made by conventional machining or other machining. This article will briefly introduce CNC machining to you, also, we will talk about the kinds of CNC machined parts and why CNC machined parts are chosen priority.



1. Introduction of CNC Machining

2.Kinds of CNC Machined Parts

3. Reason of choosing CNC Machined Parts


Introduction of CNC Machining

CNC, also known as computer gong, CNCH or CNC machine tools, is actually another name in Hong Kong. Later, it was introduced into the Pearl River Delta of mainland China. In fact, it is a CNC milling machine. CNC machining center is a new processing technology in Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places. Its main task is to compile the processor and convert manual work into computer programming. Of course, you need to handle the experience manually. CNC machining is a pre-programmed computer software that determines the manufacturing process of tools and mechanical motion in the factory. This process can be used to control a range of complex machines, from grinders and lathes to grinders and routers. Through CNC machining, you can complete 3D cutting tasks in a set of prompts. In general, CNC machining usually refers to precision machining by computer numerical control, CNC machining machine, CNC machining milling machine, CNC machining boring machine and milling machine. In the abbreviation of “Computer Numerical Control”, the limitation of CNC machining is reversed. Therefore, D replaces manual control. Manual control requires the operator to indicate and indicate instructions for use of the tool through levers, buttons and wheels on site. For the average observer, the CNC system may resemble a set of traditional computer components, but the software programs and consoles used for numerical control distinguish them from all other forms of computing.


Kinds of CNC Machined Parts

CNC machining provides efficient, convenient and accurate production capacity, and is very suitable for the production of large quantities of goods commonly produced by routers, grinders, central lathes, vertical milling machines or moulding machines. The range of CNC machined parts is equivalent large.


•   CNC Machining can Process Box Parts

Box-shaped parts generally refer to parts with multiple holes, internal cavity, a certain proportion of length, width and height direction. These parts are mainly used in machine tools, automobiles, aircraft manufacturing and other industries. Box parts usually need multi-position hole system and plane processing. Higher tolerances are required, especially in shape and position, usually through milling and drilling. Boring, boring, boring, countersunk head, tapping and other processes need more tools. It is difficult to process ordinary machine tools, the number of tools is large, the cost is high, the processing cycle is long, multiple clamping, alignment, manual measurement is more. In the process of machining, the tool must be replaced frequently, the process is difficult to develop, and more importantly, the processing accuracy is difficult to guarantee. When there are more workstations in the box processing center, the worktable needs to rotate many times to complete the processing of parts. Horizontal boring and milling machine processing center is generally selected. When the workstation is small and the span is small, the vertical machining center can be selected to process from one end.


•   CNC Machining can Machine Dies

Such as injection moulds, rubber moulds, vacuum forming suction moulds, refrigerator foam moulds, pressure casting moulds, precision casting moulds, etc.

Because of the high concentration of working procedure, the finishing of key parts such as moving die and fixing die is basically completed in one clamp, by using CNC machining, which can reduce the accumulated error of dimension and the workload of repairing. At the same time, the replicability and interchangeability of the die are strong. Machining leaves less work for fitters. Wherever the cutter is available, it should be machined as far as possible, so that the workload of die fitters is mainly polishing.


•   CNC Machining Can Machine Complex Surface Parts

For example: various impellers, wind guide wheels, spherical surfaces, various surface forming dies, propellers and underwater vehicle propellers, as well as some other shapes of free-form surfaces, such parts can be processed by machining centers. Typical are the following:

-      CNC Machining Center Cam

As the basic component of mechanical information storage and transmission, cams are widely used in various automatic machines. These parts have various curved disc cams, cylindrical cams, conical cams, bucket cams, end cams and so on. Three-axis, four-axis or five-axis machining centers can be selected to process this kind of parts according to the complex program of cam.

-      Integral impellers of CNC machining centers

This kind of parts are commonly used in compressor of aeroengine, expander of oxygen making equipment, single screw air compressor, etc. For the processing of such profiles, it is necessary to adopt a machining center with four or more axes linkage.


Reasons of Choosing CNC Machined Parts

•     More elaborate

•     Multispecies

•     With complicated structure

•     Process design needs frequent modification

•     Fast production cycle

•     wide range of selections


As we can learn from this article, CNC machined parts are chosen by more people than other machined parts because of the unique CNC machining which makes products better and competitive. What’s more, you will have more options among CNC machined parts.

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