What industries are in need of sheet metal parts?
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What industries are in need of sheet metal parts?

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Different industries need sheet metal parts to help them grow, but do you know what they are? What aspects are involved in the production of sheet metal parts? What materials do you need to make sheet metal component?


l  What is sheet-metal processing?

l  The process of sheet metal parts processing

l  What industries require sheet metal parts?

l  sheet metal parts production

l  What materials can be used to make sheet metal parts?

l  Conclusion


What is sheet-metal processing?

The process of forming sheet metal into usable sheet metal parts and products is called sheet metal parts manufacturing. Sheet metal processing services are available in a variety of manufacturing processes, such as bending, stretching, flanging, stamping, shearing, spinning and stretching. All sheet metal parts manufacturing processes are dedicated to creating high quality, durable parts and products while reducing material and labor costs.


The process of sheet metal parts processing

The sheet metal parts industry has been around for centuries. With the passage of time, the process of making metal plates has made progress and development due to the expansion of the use of metal plates. Some processes of sheet metal parts processing include:

Cutting, bending, coin, incremental forming, laser cutting, punching, forming, curling, rubber forming, improvement, Decabering, depth drawing, Flowforming, hydraulic forming, hot metal gas forming, hot pressure hardening, shearing, spinning, stamping, superplastic forming, water jet, wheeling.

In addition, in addition to metal plates, other forms of metal can be used to make other metal products. Some of these other processes include sand casting, die casting, die casting, ablative casting, closed die forging, deep drawing, extrusion, machining, welding, and powder metallurgy.


What industries require sheet metal parts?

Several industries make use of sheet metal in various ways. The following is a list of well-known industries that use sheet metal parts as their products or services:

Aerospace, defense, medicine, advertising, industry, high technology, computer/electronics, retail, HVAC, construction, transportation and solar/renewable energy.

The sheet metal parts manufacturing industry has grown rapidly from the constant product development within these industries. Therefore, many products contain various metal parts.

A sheet metal is a thin, wide sheet of metal. Sheet metal itself is rarely finished. Instead, manufacturers use it to create many different products in various industries. Some of them include aerospace, automobiles, communications, computers, buildings, electronics, food processing and storage, the military, and pharmaceuticals.


Sheet metal parts production

Sheet metal parts providers can leverage their capabilities to create a wide range of parts and products. Examples of some of the parts and products include metal furniture (stainless steel storage units, metal cabinets, steel frames, etc.), stair balustrades, fences and cages, hvac industrial components (ductwork, grilles, ventilation, etc.), lighting enclosures, scissors, structural elements (stainless steel bridge frames, aircraft frames, etc.) and silverware.

With the development of technology, customized sheet metal parts processing has become more accurate and efficient. Precision sheet metal products can be manufactured on automated production lines, and robotic machines can rotate and move them as needed. CNC machines also revolutionize the quality of metal processing by providing greater precision and uniformity. With modern custom sheet metal fabrication, the possibilities are truly endless.


What materials can be used to make sheet metal parts?

The two most common metal materials used to make precision sheet metal parts are stainless steel and aluminum. The value of stainless steel lies in the metal plate, because stainless steel has strength, durability, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. These qualities are valuable in harsh environments and in the manufacturing, food processing and storage industries.

Aluminum is popular because of its compressive strength, tensile strength and lightness. Aluminum sheet metal products are used in aerospace, automotive manufacturing and other transportation industries, as well as packaging, construction, food and beverage, music, household and electronics industries. Other metals used to make metal plates include brass, copper, nickel, titanium, and gold, silver, and platinum for special applications.



Sheet metal parts can play their own roles in different industries, and different materials of sheet metal component have different applications, which proves that it is very valuable. If you want to purchase high quality sheet metal parts that are durable and affordable, Ningbo OEM Industry Manufacturer Ltd. Can provide you with the best products.


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