What are measures to check and repair metal stamping parts?
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What are measures to check and repair metal stamping parts?

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Some metal stamping parts appear cracking soon after they are put into use. There are many users who don't know how to deal with this problem. In fact, some defects of metal stamping parts can be prevented and dealt with. We don't need to worry about it too much. Below you will find out how to inspect and repair metal stamping parts for maximum productivity.


Here comes the context:

1.        How to check quality of metal stamping parts?

2.        How to repair metal stamping parts?

3.        What should you consider to get maximum efficiency of metal stamping parts?


How to check quality of metal stamping parts?

For stamped parts processing, we must first control the quality of raw materials. The inspection time period can be divided into material acceptance and material cleaning, pre-production inspection and materials. The stamped parts can be inspected by the following five test methods.

1.        Touch

The inspector must wear a touch glove, and touch the surface of the stamping along the lengthways direction of the stamping. This method of inspection depends on the stamped parts inspector's experience, but in general this method is a quick and effective method.

2.        Polishing

The surface is dried before grinding with whetstone. The choice of oil particle size depends on the surface conditions. It is recommended to use fine-grained, relatively small oilstone. The grinding direction of the stone is basically vertical, and some special places can also supplement the lateral grinding, which is well matched with the surface of the stamping.

3.        Flexible gauze grinding

As with the previous steps, you need to dry the surface first. It is easy to spot any pitting and indentation on the surface by sanding the surface of the stamping surface with a flexible sand mesh to the entire surface.

4.        Oil brush

Use a clean brush to evenly apply the oil to the whole external surface of the stamped part that has been wiped clean, still in the same direction as above. By placing the oiled stampings under strong light, you can easily spot tiny pitting and ripples on the stampings.


How to repair metal stamping parts?

During the stamping process of metal fabrication, there are many times when the surface of the stamped part being processed is uneven and bent. This is because the steel sheet is first stretched and bent when it comes into contact with the stamping mold. Under the action of various forces such as stretching, bending and lateral extrusion, the steel plate has a wave shape in the exhibiting material, and the stamping part is uneven and curved. The reasons for the bending of stamping parts are as follows:

1.      The punching gap is too large.

If the gap is too large, the drawing member has a large drawing and bending force during the pressing process, and is likely to be bent. The improvement method can be used to press the metal fabrication tightly with the punch and the pressing plate during stamping, or to press the lap portion tightly with the die surface and the stripping plate, and to maintain the sharp edge, both can receive good results.

2.      Anti-cone appears at the die cavity.

When the stamping member passes through a small-sized portion, the outer circumference is compressed toward the center to cause bending.

3.      Shearing force is not uniform.

When the shape of the stamping member is complicated, the shearing force around the stamping parts is not uniform, thereby generating a force from the periphery to the center, causing the stamping member to bend. When punching an elongated hole close to the plate thickness, the bending of the stamping member is concentrated at both ends so that it cannot become a flat surface.

The solution to this type of deflection is to firstly consider the reasonable and uniform distribution of the pressing force, so as to prevent the occurrence of deflection; increase the pressing force, and use a strong spring, rubber, etc. through the pressing plate and the ejector. When the sheet is pressed tightly, good results can be obtained.


What should you consider to get maximum efficiency of metal stamping parts?

The production of stamping parts requires the maximum coordination of each process to better improve production efficiency. In the normal production of the factory, the scheduling problem of stamping parts is very important. The key points you should pay attention to are as follows:

1.        Product batch of stamping parts

Each process of stamping is basically calculated in seconds, but the time to replace stamping parts is 10 minutes or even tens of minutes, so on the basis of cost, the press shop often produces one time when producing stamping parts. Processed into hundreds of stampings of the same type. However, in the actual scheduling, not only the large-volume metal fabrication, but also the small-volume and multi-varietal stamping parts are taken into account.

2.        Production of different stamping products

In the actual production process, the number of processes required to produce different stamping parts is basically different. In the actual scheduling, this problem should be considered.

3.        Processing capabilities of the equipment

In the actual metal fabrication production progress, when stamping the sheet metal fabrication parts, the machine must meet the press force required to machine the stampings. At least one press machine can meet the requirements of the press force on each stamping line, so the press machine should be selected when scheduling production scheduling problems.


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