What Material can be used for CNC Machining?
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What Material can be used for CNC Machining?

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Ningbo OEM provides CNC machining services utilizing hundreds of different materials. We understand that a quality component begins with quality materials. We have complete access to all the precision machining advantages necessary to complete your job.

CNC machined material types.png

CNC machining material


CNC machining material

At times it can be difficult to decide which type of CNC machined material you need to use for your machined parts. Does it need to be malleable? Must it possess properties that are resistant to corrosion? These are the types of questions that should be asked in the beginning stages of production for your application or equipment. Provided below is a guide that includes information on the most common machining materials, their properties, and what types of applications each material is generally used for.

Stainless Steel Machining

Stainless steel has many advantages making it a preferred material for precision medical machining and Swiss machining. It is extremely durable and corrosion resistant, ideal for industries like military and aerospace, all of which require strength and dependability. Ningbo OEM has access to high quality stainless steel for your parts. If a specific stainless steel variety is required, we accommodate a variety of material requests. There are several stainless steel alloys and many can be heat treated and possess corrosion resistant properties. While some stainless steel alloys are machined for surgical equipment and electronic hardware, others are useful for applications that require more formability and weldability. We machine an impressive variety of stainless steel parts for industries such as medical, dental, aerospace and military. Our stainless steel jobshop can accommodate both short and long run production lines of your parts. Our state of the art precision medical machining techniques are enhanced with up to date machines made specifically for stainless steel parts at the tightest tolerances for the medical industry. This material is also a top choice for components in the aerospace and automotive industries.

We have the staff and advanced equipment to accommodate any stainless steel machined parts design need. Bring us your existing part design or simply an idea and our fabrication engineers will help fabricate a prototype.

We machine an impressive variety of stainless steel parts for industries such as medical, dental, aerospace and military. Our stainless steel jobshop can accommodate both short and long run production lines of your parts. Our state of the art precision medical machining techniques are enhanced with up to date machines made specifically for stainless steel parts at the tightest tolerances for the medical industry.

Brass & Copper Machining

Copper and brass parts offer a clean smooth finish with high density and tolerance. Brass and copper machining is also cost effective because of it is highly repeatable, and parts can be created over and over, correct each time. Other notable advantages of choosing brass and copper for your Swiss machining products includes its non-sparking properties, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity.

Brass, known for its stability and low strength, is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient materials to machine. This type of machining is used across a wide variety of applications and industries, some of which include medical, consumer goods, and electrical. Due to the low friction coefficient and high corrosion resistant properties of brass fittings, they can also be used for applications in engineering, or plumbing & steam work industries. Bearings, pipe fittings, compression fittings, musical instruments and several other custom parts are also created by machined brass materials. Copper Alloys recognized for being the best electrical conductor, copper is suitable for products like cooling systems and heat exchangers in the automotive industry. Copper has high corrosion resistant properties that make it difficult for this type of material to rust. Its thermal conductivity properties allow for easier shaping during CNC machining. Machined copper parts are often used for engineering applications such as, valves, hydraulic tubing, and radiators.

We have been fabricating precision CNC machining products out of copper and brass for over 15 years. We have produced a wide range of precision parts for the aerospace and electronics industry. We are confident that our extensive brass and copper machining experience makes us the right CNC precision machining job shop for your next project.

Aluminum CNC Machining

The type of machining processes that can be used in forming aluminum include CNC turning, CNC milling, as well as Swiss screw machining. Depending on the tolerance required, the part application and the production size, Ningbo OEM will work with you to determine the correct machining technique for your assembly.

CNC machining for aluminum parts can be completed quicker than other metals, making them the most economical machined material. These particular parts form an extra protective layer when exposed to the atmosphere which provides for extra strength and corrosion resistance. With chemical resistant, malleable properties, this type of material is best used when creating aluminum gears, spline shafts, worm gears, and other similar parts. Precision machined parts and assemblies from aluminum are a common and cost-effective choice. Aluminum is a soft, affordable material that is light and is corrosion-resistant. Precision machined parts made of aluminum are both lightweight yet strong which is ideal for many high-tech industries such as the medical, aerospace and electrical industries.

Whether you need a durable but lightweight aluminum machined part for a military application, or you need an intricate aluminum part for a medical device, we can accommodate your challenge. Contact us now about your precision CNC machining part needed.

Steel Alloy Machining

Most steel alloys (1018, 1215, 12L14, 1215 Bi) are case hardened, and are designed for excellent machinability. This material is typically used for parts that require better formability and stronger welds, such as commercial products. Steel alloy 1137 is directly hardened and is frequently used for higher stress applications including gears, shafts, and studs, coupling, bushing, etc.

Many steel alloys are machined for high stress applications, as well as bearing applications. This material is subject to both direct hardening and case hardening. Depending on the type of steel alloy, this material can also be heat treatable.

Titanium Machining

Titanium’s high melting point makes this material a perfect option for numerous industries and applications. This material is also resistant to corrosion and protects against ductile and salt and water. While bio-compatible and lightweight, titanium is a strong and sturdy material frequently machined for aircrafts and medical implants. We specialized in precision titanium machining. The medical titanium components we fabricate are some of the most exact and advanced parts in the world. With tight tolerances and intricate designs, medical implants and devices must be machined from strong materials. Titanium is an ideal material for titanium screw machining. It is a light, corrosion-resistant and ductile material and can be formed, cut and milled to tiny dimensions, while retaining its strength and structural integrity. We are well acquainted with the proper titanium machining methods for maximum part accuracy and longevity. Additionally, we have fully upgraded machinery that is uniquely designed to work with titanium.

For highly specialized titanium machining requiring intricate accuracy, Ningbo OEM is a leader in both experience and client satisfaction.

Plastics Machining Parts

We have experience with many plastic materials and have manufactured a variety of plastic parts for the medical, dental, electronics and military industries. From manifolds to aircraft instrumentation we have the materials and expertise to complete your project. Other plastic parts we have completed include plastic bushings, fittings screws, housings and sleeves insulators. Utilizing our expertise in CNC machining and CNC turning, we capably manufacture plastic machined parts with smooth surfaces and optical clarity. We rigorously train in the newest machining methods and upgrade our equipment to maintain a state of the art jobshop. We utilize a variety of plastics in the machining of precision parts. Our CNC machining experts have years of experience in plastic parts fabrication and design, and can help you determine the best plastic material for your part. We will listen to the standards required for the part or assembly and use our advanced perspective in precision machining to choose the specific plastic suited for those needs.

Some of the plastic materials used in our plastics machining services:






Epoxy rod



We execute a wide range of custom CNC machining services such as CNC milling, CNC Turning and CNC Precision Machining for your machined parts. If you’re still in need of further guidance, or need a material machined for your product or application, contact us now for more details.

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