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Industrial Knowledge

  • 2017-08-31

    [Industrial Knowledge] What The Differences between NPT, BSPP and BSPT Pipe Thread
    Pipe thread mainly used for pipe connection, the internal and external thread can be tight; it has straight tube and cone tube two specifications. Recently, a handful of people are confused by different threads requirements in different drawings. In order to help you figure out the differences, we accessed relevant information and summarized as below: Common pipe thread mainly includes the following: NPT, BSPT, BSPP and so on.
  • 2017-08-31

    [Industrial Knowledge] 10 Common Deburring Methods
    ‍10 Common Deburring Methods.If somebody ask me which procedure let me annoy during CNC machining process. Well, I will not hesitate to say DEBURR.Yes, deburring process is the most troublesome, I think many people agree me. Now in order to help people know more about this process, here I summarized some deburring methods for your reference.
  • 2017-08-23

    [Industrial Knowledge] Engineering Support
    Engineering support-As your partner, we first work to understand your exact requirements, this helps us design solutions that meet your exact demands. We are focused on adding significant value to your process and helping you achieve your business goals.
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