10 Common Deburring Methods
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10 Common Deburring Methods

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10 Common Deburring Methods

If somebody ask me which procedure let me annoy during CNC machining process. Well, I will not hesitate to say DEBURR.

Yes, deburring process is the most troublesome, I think many people agree me. Now in order to help people know more about this process, here I summarized some deburring methods for your reference.

1. Manual deburring

This is a commonly used way by many company, take rasp, sandpaper, grinding head as an auxiliary tool.


Labor costs are more expensive, low efficiency, and difficult to remove the complex cross hole. The technical requirements of the workers is not very high, suitable for simple structure products.

2. Punch to deburring

Use the die with punch machine to deburring.


Need some die cost. Suitable for simple sub-surface products, better efficiency and effect than manual deburring

3. Grinding deburring

Including vibration, sandblasting, tumbling etc., many companies use this deburring method.


Cannot clean completely, need manual handle residual burrs after grinding. Suitable for large quantities of small products.

4. Frozen deburring

Using cooling make burr tender quickly, then spray projectile to remove burrs.


Machined cost is about thirty eight thousand US dollars. Suitable for thick and small burrs of smaller product.

5. Hot burst deburring

Also called heat to deburring, explosion to burr.

By passing some of the easy gas into a furnace, and then through some media and conditions, make the gas explode instantly, use the energy generated by the explosion to remove the burr.


Equipment expensive, high operational requirements, low efficiency, side effects (rust, deformation). Mainly used in some high-precision parts and components, such as automotive, aerospace and other precision components.

6. Engraving machine deburring


Equipment are not very expensive, suitable for simple space structure and simple, regular burr.

7. Chemical deburring

With the principle of electrochemical reaction, deburr the metal parts automatically and selectively.


Applicable to the internal burr that is difficult to remove, suitable for small burr (thickness less than 0.077mm) of pump body, valve body and other products.

8. Electrolytic deburring

Use electrolytic method to remove metal parts burr.


The electrolyte has a certain corrosivity, the area near the burr will also be impacted, the surface will lose the original luster, and even affect the dimensional accuracy, the workpiece after deburring need to be cleaned and taken anti-rust treatment.Electrolytic deburring is suitable for removing burrs from hidden postion in parts. The production efficiency is high and the deburring time is generally only a few seconds. Applicable to gears, connecting rods, valves and other parts deburring, and sharp corners and so on.

9. High pressure water jet deburring

Take water as a medium, the use of its instantaneous impact to remove the burr, and also can achieve the purpose of cleaning.


Expensive equipment, mainly for the heart part of car and hydraulic control system of engineering machinery.

10. Ultrasonic deburring

Ultrasound produces instantaneous high pressure to remove burrs.


Mainly for some micro-burrs, generally if need to use the microscope to check the burr, you can try to use ultrasonic method to deburr.

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