How to avoid the danger of metal fabrication
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How to avoid the danger of metal fabrication

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Stamping has a unique advantage. Although metal fabrication is dangerous, it is not really dangerous. It complies with the stamping system and operates properly. Stamping is still very safe.




Stamping equipment requirements

Metal fabrication safety precautions

in conclusion


Stamping equipment requirements


1. the punch is running well

Good punching is the foundation of safe metal fabrication. The lubrication of the press must be normal; the copper tile can not be excessively worn; the tension of the brake should be normal; the clutch and control system can be operated flexibly; the bolts of various parts should not be loose;


2. install a safety grating

After the safety grating is installed, if the presser's hand or other items that affect safety enter the hazardous area, the press will stop urgently; in the stopped state, the press cannot be started and metal fabrication is performed.


3.the switch design is reasonable

Two start switches and one emergency stop switch need to be designed, and the two start switches must also be separated by a certain distance. As long as the presser presses two start switches at the same time to start the machine; the emergency stop switch cannot be too far away from the press. Otherwise, when the situation arises, the worker cannot stop the punching and metal fabrication for the first time.


4.the stamping die design is reasonable

If the punch is the first element of safe metal fabrication, the stamping die is the second element. The production of stamping parts relies on stamping dies, so whether the design of stamping dies is reasonable plays a vital role in safety. Whether the discharging is convenient or not, whether the returning material is smooth or not affects the safety of the factory during operation. When designing the mold, it must be able to ensure that the factory can easily use the tool to discharge and unload.


5. must use security tools

It is absolutely not allowed to put the hand into the working area of the mold during the stamping process, which requires the use of safety tools to complete the loading and unloading work. Safety tools that are often used today are magnets, suction cups and tweezers.


6.reasonable noise reduction measures

Under the influence of the noise of the punching machine for a long time, the concentration and mental state of the factory will continue to decline. Reasonable noise reduction measures can not only guarantee the mental state of the stamper but also be responsible for the health of the workers!


7. Establish safety management system and punch operation manual

The stamping factory must conduct metal fabrication safety training for stampers from time to time, so that the concept of safe metal fabrication is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Help stampers establish safe operating habits.


Metal fabrication safety precautions


In the metal fabrication process, for the sake of safety, pay attention to the adjustment screw of the slider, and do not let it extend too long.


In metal fabrication, in order to prevent the mold from moving, it is possible to put a layer of paper on the reinforcement, and it is dangerous to rotate the mold. For safety during the metal fabrication process, disassemble the mold until the machine is completely stopped.


Metal fabrication, if you need to adjust and install the mold, you must first turn off the power in action, although it can be carried out without turning off the power, but the risk index will be greatly increased, so in order to be safe, the machine must be completely shut down when the power is completely turned off. Operate after operation.


In metal fabrication, the presence of fastening screws will have a certain guarantee for metal fabrication safety. In order to make this protection not a hidden danger, it is necessary to tighten the fastening screws frequently to ensure the safety of the fastening screws function.


In conclusion


The safety concept is deeply rooted in people's minds. The machine is good or bad, but the last operation is still operated by people, so keep vigilant and avoid the danger of metal fabrication.

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