How to Operate CNC Milling Center
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How to Operate CNC Milling Center

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CNC milling center is now commonly used in machining, many people want to learn how to operate CNC milling center. Today this short essay will tell you different types of CNC milling operations and the process of operating CNC milling center, what’s more, we will also inform you of the details that you need to pay attention to.


List: 1. Types of CNC Milling operations

         2. Process of Operating CNC Milling Center

         3. Details Needed To Be Paid Attention To


Types of CNC Milling Operations

  • Steel milling: Steel milling refers to the milling operation with two or more cutters (usually of different sizes, shapes or widths) on the same machine axis. Each tool can perform the same cutting operation or different cutting operations at the same time, resulting in more complex design and complex parts in shorter production time.

  • Gear cutting: Gear cutting is a kind of milling process, using involute gear cutter to produce gear teeth. These cutters are formed milling cutters that can provide various shapes and spacing sizes according to the number of teeth required for specific gear design. This process can also use special lathe tools to produce gear teeth.

  • Crossing milling: Crossing milling refers to milling, in which the machine tool can process two or more parallel workpiece surfaces by single cutting. The process uses two cutters on the same machine axis, which are arranged so that the cutter is located on either side of the workpiece and can be milling both sides at the same time.

  • Profile milling: Profile milling refers to the milling operation, in which the machine tool creates a cutting path along the vertical or inclined surface of the workpiece. The process uses profiles milling equipment and cutting tools, which can be parallel or vertical to the workpiece surface.

  • Other Processing Technologies: Since milling machines support the use of other machines besides milling tools, they can be used in processing processes other than milling, such as drilling, boring, reaming and tapping.


Process of Operating CNC Milling Center

  • Before operation, you must be familiar with the general performance, structure, transmission principle and control program of CNC drilling and milling machine, and master the functions and operating procedures of each operation button and indicator light. Do not operate or adjust the machine before understanding the entire operation.

  • Before starting the machine tool, check whether the electrical control system of the machine tool is normal, whether the lubrication system is unblocked, the oil quality is good, and the lubricating oil is added according to the requirements. Whether the operation handles are correct, whether the workpiece, fixture and tool are clamped firmly, check whether the coolant is sufficient, then drive the slow car for 3 to 5 minutes, check whether the transmission parts are normal, and confirm that there is no fault before they can be used normally.

  • After the program is debugged, it must be approved by the instructor to follow the steps, and no step-by-step execution is allowed.

  • Before machining parts, it is necessary to strictly check whether the machine origin and tool data are normal and perform simulation without cutting trajectory.


Details Needed To Be Paid Attention To

  • During the processing, the operator must not leave the machine without authorization, and should maintain a high concentration of ideas and observe the operating state of the machine. In case of abnormal phenomenon or accident, the program should be terminated immediately, the power supply should be cut off and the instructor should be reported in time, and no other operations should be performed.

  • On the machine control microcomputer, no other operations are allowed except for program operation and transmission and program copy.

  • Do not touch the tip and iron filings with your hands. Iron scraps must be cleaned with iron hooks or brushes.

  • It is forbidden to measure the workpiece during the machining process, manual shifting, and it is not possible to wipe the workpiece with cotton thread or clean the machine tool.

  • When moving the position of each axis with the handwheel or fast moving method, be sure to check the “,-” sign in the X, Y, and Z axes of the machine before moving. When moving, first turn the handwheel slowly to observe the movement direction of the machine tool before speeding up the movement speed.

  • If the machine tool is not used for several days, the NC and CRT parts should be energized for 2-3 hours every other day.


After reading all the information we given in this essay, we think you have already had a basic understanding of CNC milling operations. We hope this article can help you solving your questions.

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