Easy Solutions For Difficult CNC Turning Problems
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Easy Solutions For Difficult CNC Turning Problems

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When operating the CNC turning machining, it's common that we encounter different problems. Here are several common problems of turning machining:

1. Turning the NPT thread, the need to transform the processing parameters of the unit, an increase of additional workload, how to effectively solve?

2. How to solve when the turning thread needs to replace the undercut with the thread end?

3 if the Tapping thread size failed, how to repair processing?

4. when turning roughness in different circumstances, how to save machining time?

Is it hard to handle?

Now It's all easy at NINGBO OEM!

1.The inch / American thread Machining

Typical Application Scenario: In the plumbing joints, oil pump nozzle and other industries, for sealing reasons, usually need to process NPT thread. Customers first need to choose the right angle tool, however, due to the size of the metric and metric threads are different, if the metric thread programming method requires the conversion of the necessary processing parameters, adding an extra workload.

Solution at our CNC Center:

The thread cutting cycle integrated in the Operate operating system: You can first select the "Table" by key to the corresponding thread format (metric thread, inch ordinary thread (Whitworth thread), inch pipe thread (domestic drawing as "G"), US thread); then use the  key to select the thread parameters, the cycle can automatically calculate the thread depth and pitch, the user need only fill in other geometric parameters to help users to work out in line with international standards of American / American thread.


2 The thread retreat processing

Typical Application Scenario: In the above plumbing fittings, oil pump nozzle industry, usually the diameter of the thread is relatively small, according to national standards, such threads generally need to design the thread back to replace the undercut to avoid stress in the assembly Concentrate and ensure tight connection between threaded fittings.

Solution in SINUMERIK Operate:

The LR parameter in the thread cutting cycle controls the length of the thread retraction, making it easy for the user to make settings relevant to the thread retraction process. (828D configuration requirements: configure the turning system software 828D support this feature)


3.appropriate threading procedure

Typical Application Scenario: The customer processes a thread and then removes the work piece from the chuck. After inspection, it finds that the machining size is not suitable and needs to be reworked.

Solution in SINUMERIK Operate:

In this case, the customer can use the thread repair function to determine the starting point coordinate of the thread and then complete the reprocessing of the thread with the appropriate threading procedure. Find the appropriate thread repair interface, aligning the tip of the thread turning tool with the first tooth of the thread to be repaired. The "spindle teach" will X, Z and spindle position values written to the corresponding interface, that is, the completion of the knife operation, and activate the thread repair mode. Then call and start to repair the threaded work piece processing program can be. (828D configuration requirements: configure the turning system software 828D support this feature)


4. Predefined shape of the blank

Typical application scenario: In the turning of shaft and disc cover parts, in order to save raw material cost and cutting time, the final customer will perform the raw material into a shape similar to the final structure of the part in advance. Therefore, CNC system can provide the corresponding functions to meet the end user to save processing time purposes.

Solution in SINUMERIK Operate:

Contour turning cycle parameters BL can solve this problem, if customers use the blank is a cylinder, choose "cylinder."


If customers use the rough and the final part of the contour is very similar, only need to follow the outline of processing can be selected as "margin"


If customers need to process the flange, the brake disc is generally shaped like a ladder-like situation, the parameters can be selected as a "profile."


Customers do not need to adjust the contour subroutine, regardless of the path optimization problems, which are done inside the loop accordingly. (System Requirements: Options (6FC5800-0AP58-0YB0) in PPU 24x, purchased and activated, PPU26x and PPU28x are standard, and the current turning system software supports this feature).

With these above solutions of CNC turning machining, our stamping parts have the best quality, which can largely improve your efficiency.

If you are looking for more information on what is CNC turning? Or looking to get a quote, get in touch today via email us at info@oemmetalparts.com

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