Design points of metal stamping
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Design points of metal stamping

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With the rapid development of computer technology, intelligent technology and electronic information technology, stamping process design technology has also developed rapidly. I will tell you some points about the metal stamping design.

Main point:

Metal stamping advantage

Metal stamping design points

Principles for the design of metal stamping dies


Metal stamping advantage


1.metal stamping High processing efficiency, easy operation, easy mechanization and automation. This is because stamping relies on molds and stamping equipment to complete the process. Ordinary presses can reach dozens of trips per minute, while high-speed pressures can reach hundreds or even thousands of times per minute. You may get a punch for each press stroke.


2.When metal stamping, the dimensional and shape accuracy of the stamping parts is guaranteed, the surface quality of the stamping parts is generally not damaged, the mold life is generally long, the stamping quality is stable, the interchangeability is good, and the same "characteristics" are obtained.


3. Metal stamping can process a wide range of parts, complex shapes, such as small stopwatches, up to automotive stringers, cover plates, etc., plus the cold deformation hardening effect of the material during stamping, punching strength and higher stiffness.


4.metal stamping generally has no debris, less material consumption, and no other heating equipment. Therefore, it is a material saving and energy saving processing method, and the cost of stamping parts is low.


Metal stamping design points


l  Metal stamping die die radius

The die radius of the precision stamping progressive die must be constant in all directions. Otherwise, when bending, the blank will be slipped, the deviation of the product will be affected, and the precision and size should be selected. When the design is advanced, the radius of the curved fillet should be selected appropriately, and should not be too large or too small. The angular radius is such that the article is locally deformed or thinned, affecting the quality and surface roughness of the article.


l  To prevent blank offset during bending

When designing precision stamping die, in order to prevent the offset of the blank during the bending process, the following precautions should be taken in the mining area: the mold should be equipped with a spring pressure device, which should be partially elastically pressed before the bending of the leather material, and then make a bend.


l  To prevent deformation during bending

For the metal stamping mold design, it is necessary to carry out multi-angle multi-angle bending at different times. When the bottom dead point of the mold is bent, it should be designed to have the effect of correcting the bending. The mold structure design should fully consider the rebound phenomenon. When designing the positioning device, it is necessary to take the necessary measures to make the blank as much as possible during the bending process.


Principles for the design of metal stamping dies


1. When designing the compression mold, it is necessary to select the compression mold structure according to the batch size of the product, that is, for the small-sized and simple-shaped product parts, it is preferable to adopt a mobile simple compression mold structure; For complex product parts, a fixed compression mold structure should be used.


2. The designed compression mold structure should be simple in structure, small in volume and light in weight to reduce the labor intensity in use.


3. For the compression die that needs to be embedded, the insert must be easy to operate and secure, and there must be sufficient plastic thickness around the insert to make the insert secure, generally about 2-4mm thick. In order to make the insert inlay firmly, the extrusion molding structure is selected for the case of more inserts.


4. In order to facilitate the mold release after the plastic parts are pressed, the cavity should have a draft angle. In general, the compression mold exit angle is determined according to the inclination of the plastic product. For plastic parts with dimensional accuracy requirements, the mold inclination is generally determined by 1:50, 1:100 and 1:200.


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