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Custom OEM Metal Parts Supplier

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Ningbo OEM Industry Manufacturer Ltd.is an industry leader in OEM metal stamping manufacture, as a full service metal parts supplier, our company provides quality, cost-efficient metal parts to a wide range of customers across a multitude of industries. In the meanwhile, we also provide them with industry-leading service and an enjoyable experience. Whatever your needs, we have the in-house capabilities and industry knowledge and experience to be your next metal parts supplier.

Our company has many years of experience manufacturing metal parts from both flat stock and wire using four slide stamping, progressive die stamping, and wire forming processes allows us to produce your metal parts in a host of shapes, sizes, and materials. We have the latest in industrial metal fabrication equipment which allows us to produce quality metal parts that surpass even the highest of expectations.

With a wide selection of available materials, including competencies with beryllium copper, exotic materials, as well as “soft”, pre-tempered and post-tempered steels, you can feel confident knowing we are in-sync with your needs about OEM metal parts.

Unlike many in the “OEM Metal Parts Supplier” industry, Ningbo OEM Industry Manufacturer Ltd. has not simply settled into a comfort zone. But we are not merely CNC Machining One Stop Solution provider, we understand our customers expect and are entitled to so much more.

Over the past years, our philosophy and mission has never changed, we are dedicated to supplying our customers with precision products on time, with exceptional quality and value..As an Internationally recognized OEM supplier, out services include fine blanking, metal stamping, welding, deburring, roll flattening or mechanical flattening, heat setting or thermal flattening, and machining. Not only can we manufacture and export any type of OEM metal parts but also can custom according to your requirements.

We have manufactured OEM metal stamped parts for large electrical, petroleum, transportation, housing, plumbing, furniture, medical, defense, aerospace, and communications industries, as well as a host of other large scale niche industries. Our OEM metal stamped parts, and components manufacturing experience provides us with the flexibility and knowledge to quickly, and effectively design and manufacture the OEM metal parts you need to launch that new product, or keep assembly operational without pause.

If you are willing to cooperate with us you will find that we are not just a custom OEM metal parts supplier, but a valued business partner!

China OEM Metal Parts Manufacctuer -Custom CNC Machining , CNC Turning , CNC Milling & Metal Stamping Parts. Material Involved in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Plastic, etc.




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