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CNC Machining Business

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Since there are so many people using CNC machining, a new business has appeared because of it, it is CNC machining business. You may be interested in this new business. This article will talk about CNC machining business in the following contents. You will learn how to start a CNC machining business and calculate the cost of CNC machining, in addition, you will have a preview of the future of CNC machining.


List: 1. How to Start CNC Machining Business

        2. How to Calculate the Cost of CNC Machining

        3. The Future of CNC machining


How to Start CNC Machining Business

     Have a Plan

Clear plans are critical to the success of entrepreneurs. Several important topics to consider are your initial cost, target market, and how long it will take you to achieve balance of payments.


     Establish a Legal Entity

If your CNC machining business is sued, establishing a legitimate business entity will exempt you from personal responsibility.


     Tax Registration

Before starting you business, you need a lot taxes to register.


     Open Commercial Bank Accounts

The special checking account of CNC machining business can ensure that your financial situation is in good order and make your business more professional to your customers.


     Set up Enterprise Accounting

Recording your expenses and sources of income is critical to understanding the financial performance of your business. Keeping accurate and detailed accounts also greatly simplifies your annual tax declaration.


     Obtain the Necessary Permits

Failure to obtain the necessary permits may result in huge fines and even shutdown of your business.


     Get Commercial Insurance

It is strongly recommended that all business owners use insurance. If you hire employees, workers’ compensation insurance may be a legal requirement in your state.


     Have a Definition of Brand

Your brand is what your company represents and how your company views your business. Strong brands will help your company stand out from competitors.


     Establish a Network

Through the commercial website, customers can learn more about your company and the products or services you provide. You can also use social media to attract new customers or customers.


How to Calculate the Cost of CNC Machining

    Fixed costs

Fixed costs refer to costs that are predefined over time rather than the rate of work. When work stops, they don't stop, and they have to be dispersed over the course of a year. Usually included in fixed costs are depreciation of equipment, interest on investment, tax and storage, and insurance.


    Operating Costs

Operating cost is directly related to work rate. These costs include fuel, lubricants, tyres, equipment maintenance and maintenance costs.


    Labor Cost

Labor costs are costs associated with the employment of labour, including direct wages, food contributions, transport and social costs, including health and pensions. The cost of supervision may also be spread over labour costs.


The Future of CNC Machining

• Large-scale Machine Tool Equipment

As the die is developing towards large-scale, the die of several tons to dozens of tons is very common, so it requires the machine table to bear large weight, which requires that the equipment must have the characteristics of large load-bearing and high rigidity, and also must have a large enough table size and stroke to adapt to it. In addition, the strength and hardness of die materials are very high, and small diameter end milling cutters with large elongation are often used to cut die cavity, so the process is prone to flutter. In order to ensure the accuracy and surface quality of parts, high-speed machine tools used in die manufacturing must have high dynamic and static stiffness to improve the positioning accuracy, tracking accuracy and anti-vibration ability of machine tools.

• High Speed and High Power

High-speed milling has shown great advantages in die cutting. In order to adapt to die cavity surface, the radius of tool should be less than the minimum circumference radius of cavity surface, so as to avoid interference between tool and workpiece. Because the tool diameter is small, the spindle speed is required to be very high, and the other parts of the cavity and die parts are thick and fine, which are often completed in one clamp, so the spindle power is high.

• Multi-axis linkage and good comprehensive cutting ability of deep-hole cavity

The die cavity is mostly composed of complex space hexagonal surface and groove, and many die have deep hole cavity. In order to achieve high accuracy, high speed and high stability of 3D surface, multi-axis linkage is needed, and it has good comprehensive cutting ability of deep hole cavity. Five-axis linkage center can be used, in addition to the linear motion of three coordinates, there are two rotating coordinates of the feed motion. The milling head or operating table can be continuously rotated by multi-axis linkage, so it is suitable for the die parts with complex cavity surface.


• Development of Special CNC Cutting Oil

Special CNC cutting oil is a kind of medium which must be used in CNC cutting process. It mainly plays the roles of lubrication, cooling and cleaning in the process. Due to the continuous improvement of cutting tools, equipment and technology in high-speed cutting, vulcanized extreme pressure and anti-wear additives are usually used as the core components of new cutting oil, which can effectively protect cutting tools and improve process accuracy in ultra-high-speed cutting process.

From this article, you know the process of start a CNC machining business and the way to calculate the cost of CNC machining. Also, we hope you will have faith in the development of CNC machining.If you have any technical inquiries, please contact us directly.


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