CNC Cutters Tools types & functions for CNC Machining?
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CNC Cutters Tools types & functions for CNC Machining?

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CNC cutter tools.jpg

CNC Machine tools are hands down an essential component of a CNC machine. They make the CNC machining manufacturing process possible, helping us craft perfect custom machined parts and products. Simple structure or super-complex, 3D shape or 5D, 2mm piece or 200mm- there is nothing apt CNC machine tools can’t create.

Simply put, if CNC machine is the brain, machine tools are the limbs- converting instructions into actual action.

The concept of computer numerical control (CNC) incorporates a wide range of machines that perform various functions. These CNC machines are designed with precisely crafted tools to aid in the production process.

There are several types of CNC machine tools, each of them with their unique properties and functionalities. Here’s your guide to the popularly used machine tools:

CNC Lathe Cutting Tools

The majority of CNC machines utilize some types of cutting tools. These tools perform precise cuts on metal, wood, steel, aluminum, and a variety of other materials. Multi-axis cutting tools can move in many directions, enabling the most precise cuts possible on the materials at-hand. Plasma cutting tools and water jet cutting tools offer unique ways to cut materials that are different from the traditional sharp-ended cutter. These tools use plasma and water to cut through a desired material, which can be extremely effective in certain cases.

CNC Milling Tools

Last but not the least, we have 3~5-axis machines that have the ability to move in five different axes in one stretch giving us products with highest accuracy levels in record time. Another plus point with this machine tool type is that it has very low setup time even for the most complex parts.

CNC Broaching Tools


Some CNC machining processes use electrical discharges to manipulate materials. The desired shape of a material can be obtained by using electrical discharges – or sparks. Wires within a CNC electrical discharge machine are designed to produce these sparks. The unnecessary material can be removed from a work piece using a series of rapid current discharges that occur between two electrodes. These electrodes are separated by a dielectric liquid, and they endure an electric voltage to obtain the desired effect on the material at-hand.

The Vast Array of CNC Tools

Thanks to technological advancements, there are so many different kinds of both CNC machines and, in turn, CNC tools. These tools are made with extreme precision to work at certain angles – and with specific overall intentions in terms of manipulating a piece of material. With a CNC machine that is equipped with all the right tools, nearly any kind of production can be performed with the utmost precision because of the computer programming that is the driving force behind how these tools function.

All in all, In order to achieve CNC machined parts of different shapes, a CNC machine utilizes several different types of machine tools. Additionally, there are several other types that work exceptionally well with certain materials like wood, metal and more. Some work on different speeds and feed in order to get perfect custom machined parts that you need. Contact us directly for any questions you may have.

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