Where can the metal stamping parts be used?
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Where can the metal stamping parts be used?

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Metal stamping is the use of stamping and die on stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other materials for deformation or damage, in order to achieve a certain shape and size. Metal stamping is sometimes called sheet forming, but there is a slight difference sheet forming refers to the use of sheet material, thin-wall tube, thin-wall profile or similar materials as raw materials. The forming method of plastic machining is commonly called sheet metal forming. So where can metal stamping parts be applied? Let's talk about it next.


The content list of the article:


Its advantage

Its scope of application

The end of the article


Its advantage


Scaling with castings and forgings, metal stamping parts are thin, uniform, light and strong. Stamping can produce work pieces with ribbed, ribbed, corrugated or flanged parts that are difficult to manufacture in other ways to increase their stiffness. Due to the use of Precisions, the precision of the workpiece can reach micron level, high precision, consistent specifications. Holes and boss can be punched out. Cold stamping parts are generally no longer processed or only need a small amount of processing.


The precision and surface condition of hot stampings is lower than that of cold stampings, but still superior to castings and forgings. Stamping is a high-speed, efficient production method. Composite molds are used, especially multi-station progressive molds. A variety of stamping processes can be completed on the press to achieve unwinding, leveling, punching and forming fully automatic production. High production efficiency, good working conditions, low production costs, and generally can produce hundreds of pieces per minute.


Its scope of application


1. Special stamping enterprises. Such enterprises as aerospace parts stamping belong to this category, but these process factories also belong to some large factories.


2. The present parts in the industry are scale factories, but there are also some independent stamping plants. At present, there are many such small factories near some car or tractor factories.


3. Commodity stamping plant. In recent years, these factories have made great progress in making some crafts, tableware and so on.


In the part of China, we are mainly interested in large factories, such as car factories, tractor factories and aircraft manufacturers. There are no independent large stamping and deep drawing plants.


5. Electrical stamping factory. This kind of factory is a new industry that has developed along with the development of electrical appliances, mainly in the south.


6. The stamping factory for household appliances and accessories. These factories appeared after the development of home appliances in China, most of which are distributed in home appliance enterprises.


The end of the article


Metal stamping parts processing high efficiency, easy to operate, easy to achieve mechanization and automation. This is because metal stamping relies on molds and stamping equipment to complete the processing. The average press can reach tens of strokes per minute, the high speed pressure can reach hundreds or even thousands of strokes per minute, each stroke is possible to get the punch. Our company provides you with all kinds of metal stamping parts, you can design stamping parts at any time. If you need, you can contact us, we can provide you with the most thoughtful service and the best quality products.

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