What is the commonly used speed changing methods for 5 axis CNC horizontal milling machine?
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What is the commonly used speed changing methods for 5 axis CNC horizontal milling machine?

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To get utilized to the 5 axis CNC horizontal milling machine's large handling range, strong technological practice, refining accuracy and also automatization attributes, it is needed that the primary transmission devices should have a wide variable speed range as well as be capable of considerably variable speed. Today, the primary transmission system of horizontal 5 axis CNC horizontal milling machine has used equipment with stepped speed, as well as also has making use of DC and also interaction speed control motors

Nevertheless, with the renovation of the brand-new DC as well as interaction pin speed motors, the equipment graded variable rate transmission is progressively reduced. Most of the 5 axis CNC horizontal milling machine as well as processing usage communication and DC speed-regulating motors to complete the continually variable speed, which not just considerably streamlines the mechanical layout, but also can easily complete a wide-scale continually variable speed, as well as can likewise be executed one after another in accordance with the control instructions Variable speed.

The 5-axis CNC horizontal milling machine can Variable speed in the following two ways.

1、Belt drive approach.

2、 Transmission approach of variable rate equipment.

1、Belt drive approach.

This sort of transmission method is primarily utilized in 5 axis CNC horizontal milling machines as well as center and small-scale processing, which can stop the resonance and noise brought on by gear transmission. Nowadays, multi-ribbed belts and also synchronous toothed belts are typically utilized on CNC machine tools. The design of the timing belt as well as the parts of the transmission box. There are many box components. Normally, a multi-station opening system and plane processing are required. The precision requirements are high, particularly the form accuracy and azimuth precision are stringent. Generally, milling, boring, expansion, boring, reaming, countersinking, and tapping are needed. Waiting for the job actions, there are extra devices needed, it is difficult to process on the basic equipment device, the variety of tooling sets is big, and also the precision is challenging to ensure

On a 5 axis CNC horizontal milling machine, one-time devices can complete 60% -95% of the procedure content of a basic device tool. The accuracy of the parts is good, the top quality is steady, and the production cycle is short.

2、 Transmission approach of variable rate equipment.

This is a variable rate technology that is commonly made use of in large as well as medium-sized 5 axis CNC horizontal milling machines. Normally, a number of sets of gears are utilized to lower the speed and also increase the output torque to fulfill the requirements of the pin result torque features. Some 5 axis CNC horizontal milling machines likewise use this transmission method to get the torque required for effective cutting. The frequently utilized equipment shifting approaches of this transmission method include hydraulic change fork and electro-magnetic clutch.

A straight machining center describes a machining center with the pin axis parallel to the worktable, which is mostly appropriate for processing box parts. Its functioning concept is that after the work surface is secured when on the machining facility, the computer system can automatically select various devices, immediately transform the pin rate of the maker tool, and finish the multi-process processing of multiple faces of the work surface in sequence. 

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