What are the precautions when manufacturing stamping parts?
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What are the precautions when manufacturing stamping parts?

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We need to pay great attention to stamping parts when stamping. If it is not properly operated, it may cause injury to workers' lives and may cause damage to stamping parts. Therefore, what do we need to pay attention to when stamping parts? Next, let's talk about the precautions for stamping parts.




Matters needing attention when punching stamping parts



Matters needing attention when punching stamping parts


1. Two-hand brakes must be installed for semi-automatic and manual presses. It is strictly prohibited to press the pedal or one-hand start switch.

2. During continuous stamping, employees cannot take the stamping parts by hand within 1M of the press.

3. When the technician adjusts the machine, only one person can debug, and no two people should debug.

4. The technician adjusts the feeding of the machine, which can only be outside the machine, and the distance is not less than 1M.

5. Always tighten the screws when the mold is installed. Check the screws for 4 hours to stop the screws.

6. When the mold has problems in the production process, it is not necessary to unload the mold. When repairing directly on the machine tool, the power of the injection molding machine must be turned off and the maintenance label must be hung on the power supply box to implement the mold repair.

7. All tools will be returned to the toolbox after they are used up, and they should not be placed on the machine to prevent the tool from slipping and hurting people.

8. When the machine is not in production, cut off the power supply in time.

9. When using short stamping parts, use special tools and do not feed or take them by hand.

10. The producer should stand properly, keep the hand and head at a certain distance from the punching machine, and always pay attention to the punching action. It is strictly forbidden to chat with others.

11. During the production, the operator and the mold repairer are strictly prohibited from reaching into the mold.

12. When installing the suction fan, the operator must not reach the motor to clean the waste.

13. Pay attention to fire protection for other oils such as white oil, alcohol, and cleaning agents.

14. Gloves should be worn when packing materials, scraps and molds to avoid scratching your hands.

15. When oily, it must be cleaned up in time to avoid slipping.

16. Do not wear gloves when drilling and milling machines; use a mask and eye protection when using the grinder to protect yourself.

17. Non-electrician personnel are strictly prohibited from receiving electricity and repairing the machine.

18. It is strictly forbidden to blow the air gun at people and it is easy to hurt the eyes.

19. The operator is required to wear earplugs.

20. When the machine is abnormal, turn off the power and then find the technician on duty in time to handle it.

21. When adjusting the machine, be sure to adjust the machine to single action. It is strictly forbidden to play the discharge belt.

22. Do not store any flammable or explosive materials under the electric gate.

23. It is strictly forbidden for the operator to chase and chase in the workshop to avoid falling, knocking down the product or hurting himself.

24. Check the equipment according to the inspection contents on the equipment check card, paying special attention to the normal operation of the punching guide and brake device, and the single punch and continuous punch function are clear.

25. When installing the stamping parts mold on a small punch, first loosen the locking device of the guide rail, install the upper and lower molds, and then adjust the travel of the guide rail until the requirements are met and the fastening device is locked. In addition, when the high-rise frame is mounted, the single-stroke stroke must be hit. After the upper mold is locked, the lower mold is locked after the hydraulic pressure-locking, and an inspection is performed before production. ·




When the stamping parts are produced, we should use them under normal working conditions, which can effectively ensure that the strips can convey the materials along the correct positioning and feed according to a certain gap we have booked in advance. We guarantee a fastening of the parts of the die. Note that when making stamping parts. Do not change the mounting position of the die. Once it changes, it will scratch or crush the stamping parts, which will have a very large impact on the quality of the workpiece.

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