The Development of Sheet Metal Fabrication
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The Development of Sheet Metal Fabrication

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With the steady growth of world’s economy, the sheet metal products industry is also developing continuously. However, most of the sheet metal fabrication at this stage is still a labor-intensive industry. The flow of job technicians and personal professional skills have great influence on the stability of product quality. For example, different welding personnel, the weld length and height, weld spacing, welding speed are significantly different, resulting in welding, leakage welding, welding, welding and other welding defects continue to appear. Therefore, the final product quality is not effectively controlled, the production rework rate is high, the energy consumption is increased, and the profit is reduced, which directly hinders the stable development of the enterprise. To this end, it is necessary for us to analyze the development trend of sheet metal fabrication.


1. The basic understanding of sheet metal fabrication

2. The history of sheet metal fabrication

3. The industry chain of sheet metal fabrication  

4. The development trend Sheet metal fabrication


The basic understanding of sheet metal fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication usually refers to a comprehensive cold working process for metal sheets below 6mm, including shearing, punching, cutting, compounding, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as automobile body), etc. Its remarkable feature is the thickness difference of the same part. The sheet metal fabrication industry is closely related to people's daily lives, although sheet metal accounts for 20%-30% of metal fabrication, it is almost all processing in the manufacturing industry. .


According to the different processing methods, the sheet metal fabrication can be divided into manual sheet metal, stamping and CNC sheet metal. At present, manual sheet metal is mainly concentrated in the fields of automobile repair, art, advertising, etc.; stamping sheet metal is suitable for product types with single varieties, large output, small structure and relatively stable; CNC sheet metal is suitable for small batches and varieties. A wide range of product sizes.


The history of sheet metal fabrication

The history of the sheet metal fabrication has a long history. Starting from the bronzes and irons of ancient times, people used various methods to smelt metal materials. With the improvement of smelting technology, they gradually smelted metal plate materials and learned to use some. The tool processes these sheet metal materials, which is the prototype of the sheet metal process. The history of modern sheet metal fabrication is not long. The application of stamping equipment and cold stamping die in the field of sheet metal fabrication and the popularization of CNC automation equipment are two milestones in the development of sheet metal technology. The former gave birth to stamping, and the latter gave birth to CNC sheet metal.


The industry chain of sheet metal fabrication  

Sheet metal fabrication products are used as infrastructure components and are often provided to downstream manufacturers in the form of intermediate products. The upstream industries of sheet metal fabrication are mainly steel, aluminum, copper and other metal industries and machinery manufacturing industries. Sheet metal fabrication downstream industry is more extensive, including almost all manufacturing industries, mainly in the electromechanical, communications, medical, aviation, military, new energy and other industries.


The development trend Sheet metal fabrication

For the current sheet metal fabrication industry, they are not very well developed and there are still many areas for improvement in many places. The price of Sheet metal fabrication is still relatively high, because now the manpower, material resources and financial resources required for their processing are relatively high, plus raw materials, machinery and equipment, etc., all need to invest a lot. In addition, the distribution of funds is very fragmented and does not form a centralized production line, so they cannot achieve a shared production model.


What’s more, many of the products produced in today's sheet metal fabrication plants are borrowed from others' brand effects, and do not form their own brands. Therefore, there are many difficulties in the development of the sheet metal fabrication industry. However, the field of sheet metal fabrication is still working hard with its own strength. They continue to improve their processing technology and strive to develop and innovate their own processing methods. Actively introduce advanced production equipment and train professional staff.


For the sheet metal fabrication industry, their current high processing cost is only temporary. It is believable that in the near future, they will be able to produce high quality and high quality products by their own strength. And to be able to create their own brand, no longer rely on the power of others, to promote world’s sheet metal fabrication industry to make great strides forward.



Therefore, as long as the sheet metal fabrication industry continues to improve its technical strength, and strive to improve the brand effect. With the continuous development of the sheet metal fabrication industry, the cost price of production will be lower and lower. And with the continuous development of the industry, as long as the use of online platforms for publicity, so that more people realize the advantages of sheet metal processed products, it can quickly flourish.


Therefore, we have talked about the development of sheet metal fabrication from several aspects: the basic understanding, the history, the industry chain and the development trend. Hope this short essay could help you learn more about the development of sheet metal fabrication.

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