Sheet metal fabrication parts cleaning method
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Sheet metal fabrication parts cleaning method

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Sheet metal fabrication parts need to be cleaned before assembly, during assembly, and after assembly. Some parts are also cleaned after trial operation as needed. The cleanliness of the parts cleaning will directly affect the assembly quality and the service life of the construction machinery. Therefore, the cleaning of the Sheet metal fabrication parts is an important part of the engineering machinery assembly. For the cleaning of parts, the cleaning method and the Sheet metal fabrication parts surface cleaning agent should be properly selected according to the materials, structural characteristics, pollution conditions and cleanliness requirements.


Why clean the Sheet metal fabrication parts?

Sheet metal fabrication parts surface cleaner

Five cleaning methods for parts cleaning


Why clean the Sheet metal fabrication parts?


During the production process, the product is inevitably stuck with some foreign substances or harmful substances generated by the process. These harmful substances are not only not required by the product itself, but also adversely affect the normal operation, reliability and longevity of the product. If the cleanliness of the product is neglected, that is, the assembly with geometric dimensions that meet the requirements of the drawings, the quality of the product will not meet the requirements. While grasping the quality management, the understanding of product cleanliness should be paid as much as the dimensional tolerances and technical requirements, and a system to ensure the cleanliness of the products should be established in the production line to ensure the quality of the products is very necessary.


Sheet metal fabrication parts surface cleaner


The surface cleaning agent is a chemically synthesized water-based metal cleaning agent. The metal cleaning agent is mainly composed of a surfactant and has a strong decontamination ability. In addition, there are some auxiliary agents in the cleaning agent, which can improve or increase the comprehensive performance of the metal cleaning agent such as anticorrosion, rust prevention and carbon deposition. The principle is that the cleaning agent wets the surface of the part first, then penetrates into the contact interface between the dirt and the part, so that the dirt falls off from the surface of the part, disperses, or dissolves in the cleaning agent, or forms an emulsion or suspension on the surface of the part to reach the cleaning part. the goal of.


There is another environmentally friendly cleaning agent. The environmentally friendly cleaning agent is specially developed and professionally produced with the latest advanced technology. It is a new type of highly efficient and environmentally friendly water-based cleaning agent containing special additives. It has strong dissolution, exfoliation and emulsification effects on oil stains. This product is suitable for swimming, soaking, mechanical cleaning and manual brushing. It has better cleaning effect under heating conditions.


Five cleaning methods for parts cleaning


1. Scrub, place the parts in a container of surface cleaning agent for stainless steel parts, scrub with cotton yarn or brush with a brush. This method is easy to operate, simple in equipment, but low in efficiency, and is suitable for small parts and small parts. Under normal circumstances, it is not advisable to use gasoline. Because it is fat-soluble, it will damage people's health and cause fires.

2. Wash and wash, put the surface cleaning agent of the stainless steel parts together with the parts to be cleaned into the cleaning tank of the appropriate size by steel plate, and heat it to 80~90 °C with the stove under the pool, and wash for 3~5 minutes. can.

3. Spraying, spraying a cleaning agent with a certain pressure and temperature onto the surface of the part to remove oil stains. The method has good cleaning effect and high production efficiency, but the equipment is complicated, and is suitable for cleaning parts with less complicated shapes and serious grease on the surface.

4. Vibration cleaning, the parts to be cleaned are placed on the cleaning basket or cleaning rack of the vibration cleaning machine, and immersed in the cleaning agent, and the vibration is generated by the cleaning machine to simulate the artificial rafting action and the chemical action of the cleaning liquid to remove the oil.

5. Ultrasonic cleaning relies on the chemical action of the cleaning agent to interact with the ultrasonic vibration introduced into the cleaning solution to remove oil stains.


Cleanliness greatly affects the application quality, reliability and durability of the Sheet Metal fabrication parts, so it is important to clean the Sheet metal fabrication parts before and after assembly.


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