Laser Cutting Prototyping For Fast Samples Without Tooling Cost
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Laser Cutting Prototyping For Fast Samples Without Tooling Cost

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Laser cutting services for prototypes has been put into applications for a long time, the technology get improved largely. We are experienced in the laser cutting services operation.

This is an article about Laser cutting prototyping and its capabilities. You can have a better command of our laser cutting services after reading this.


Laser cutting, as the name may suggest, is the process of cutting a material using a laser beam. This can be done to either trim down a material or to help cut it into complex shapes that more conventional drills would struggle with.

This laser cutting process also has many similarities to the laser drilling and laser engraving processes. The former involves the creation of thru-holes in a material or dents, like an engraving used in the later process. These dents and holes are essentially cuts, and you’ll often see a laser cutting machine being used for laser drilling and laser engraving too.

But they are still different. Laser cutting is a high-precision CNC process that uses laser to cut, etch, and engrave materials. The high-power laser beam is focused through a lens to a fine spot, which then melts, burns, vaporized material and leaves an edge with high-quality surface finish. Laser cutting services for prototypes is among the biggest advancements in metal parts production technology in five decades, and we’re committed to being on the cutting edge.


Need to test a new part design? Want a quick run produced economically? Skittish about the quality of laser-only parts? We can help. 


Laser cutting technology is ideal for prototyping and medium run production of up to a volume of 5,000 parts. It is particularly effective in many areas where rapid production is essential. It’s easy to cut accurately in many materials where traditional manufacturing methods are inefficient. Limits and constraints imposed by traditional manufacturing processes are removed through laser cutting, which allows freedom of design and quantities.

Laser metal cutting gives us the ability to machine metal parts with extremely intricate features rapidly, our laser cutting services for Prototypes will give you the ability to prototype your most complex designs before implementing a full production run. Laser cutting Prototyping turns new projects fast, conducts small runs efficiently and produces laser-only parts without risking product quality. High speed and high quality make the applications that use these laser cutters very cost competitive and a real value for our customers. With laser cutting services, we can cut your parts amazingly fast and accurately.

Our stuffs in laser cutting services for Prototypes are specially trained to use technology to its fullest extent and will work to ensure the highest quality and economy possible.

We provide high quality laser cutting prototypes, are you interested in the possibilities? We’ll help you explore every one.

We look forward to quoting your future requirements and thank you for allowing us to serve your needs. Already have a project in mind? Request a Quote today!


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