How can you put metal fabrication into use?
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How can you put metal fabrication into use?

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Nowadays, the competition in the stamping industry is becoming more and more fierce. Under such circumstances, the application range of stamped parts is increasingly valued by stamped parts companies. Since stamping working is a low-cost and high-efficiency working method, the production of stamped parts is expanded. Business can further reduce costs and increase corporate profits. Let's take a look at how to put this product into practice.


Here comes to the context:

1.        What is application area of metal fabrication?

2.        How can you use metal fabrication to different situations?

3.        How can you get a brand-new like metal fabrication?


What is application area of metal fabrication?

Among the global steels, over half of which are made of sheet metal, most of which are finished products stamped and pressed. The body of the vehicle, the radiator piece, the casing of the container, the metal fabrication of the electric motor and the electric appliance, are all stamped and being worked. There are also a large number of stamping parts in instruments, household appliances, office dulls, storage utensils and other products.


Stamping is an efficient initiative craft. It adopts a composite mold. The abnormality is a multi-station progressive die. It can complete multiple stamping working procedures on one press to complete the automatic generation of profiles. Metal fabrication working procedure is fast, short-interval, low-cost, and can produce hundreds of pieces per minute, which is loved by many processing plants.


What are conditions you should consider for using custom metal part?

1.        Formulation of the procurement volume width

In the specification of steel plate, whether it is a fixed-length plate or a coiled plate, the same material and thick material have different roll widths and different selling prices. Therefore, in order to reduce sheet metal part costs, it is necessary to work hard from the formulation of the procurement volume width, and try to select the volume width interval without increasing the price under the premise of ensuring the sheet metal part material utilization rate.

For example, if the size of the fixed-size board is selected as appropriate, after the sheet metal part mill is finished, it is not necessary to perform secondary shearing to reduce the cutting cost. For the coiling board, try to select the coil forming specification and process of the unwinding forming, and reduce the number of times.

2.        Deviation range

The thickness of the sheet metal part has deviation requirements, usually within the allowable range of deviation, should first select the lower deviation of the sheet.

3.        Degree of deformation

Determining the shape and size of the sheet material of the stamping part is the premise for analyzing the degree of deformation of the stamping part, designing the craft and formulating the technical procedure. If the shape of the sheet is suitable, not only the uneven distribution of the deformation along the sheet metal part can be significantly improved, but also the forming limit can be improved, and the height of the lug can be reduced, and the trimming margin can be reduced.

4.        Over-performance problem

When selecting sheet metal part materials, avoid using high-grade materials to cause over-performance of the products. At the same time, under the premise of meeting the requirements of sheet metal part and processes, try to select the materials and materials used in the existing target products to form a material platform for follow-up. The procurement and inventory management of sheet metal part are convenient.

For example, the key performance requirement of ordinary cold-rolled sheet metal part is their drawability, so try to choose low-grade profiles in accordance with the requirements of metal fabrication quality. For the choice of profile thickness, in addition to considering the strength and weight after forming, it is also necessary to pay attention to the popularity of the profile. Due to the special profile thickness, suppliers are difficult to supply and the price is high.


How can you get a brand-new like metal fabrication?

In order to better use stamped parts, you should know something about how to repair stamped parts. For sheet metal fabrication parts that require more complicated and complicated, the method of quenching by vacuum quenching and cryogenic craft should be used as much as possible, and or some sophisticated molds, pre-heat craft, aging heat craft and tempering heat craft can be used to control the precision of the mold.


When repairing censorable sheet metal fabrication parts with sand holes, blowholes and so on, use a cold-welding machine and other repair equipment with little heat influence to avoid deformation during the repair process. In addition, the correct heat processing means process operations, such as plugging, tying holes, mechanical fixing, proper heating methods, correct selection of the cooling direction of the mold and the direction of movement in the cooling medium, and reasonable tempering heat processing means process are also reduced in precision effective measures for mold deformation.


Stamped parts companies should also increase investment in advanced skill, develop new products with innovation content, differentiate the stamped parts as a long-term solution for enterprise development, and seek new market demand to achieve sustainable development. Ningbo OEM Industry Manufacturer Co., Ltd. provides the latest and most complete custom sheet metal fabrication ports products, which are customized by customers.

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