CNC milling machine mold processing experience
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CNC milling machine mold processing experience

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Mold and mildew processing is the most typical workpiece processing in the machining occupation. For drivers, they require rich handling experience. The following are some CNC milling equipment mold handling experiences and also preventative measures when processing is summarized by our business's professional specialists. Count on mold and mildew processing occupation is handy.


  • Rough milling. In rough milling, according to the margin given by the surface area of the workpiece to be machined, an end mill is made use of mill the shape surface layer by layer. This kind of rough milling performance is high. The bent surface after rough milling resembles balconies, and also the height of the actions depends on the harsh milling accuracy.

  • Semi-finishing milling. The objective of semi-finishing milling is to mill out the "terraced" steps during harsh milling, to ensure that the processed surface is closer to the theoretical surface. Making use of ball-end milling cutters normally leaves a machining allocation of about 0.5 mm for the completing process, semi-finishing The line spacing as well as action spacing can be larger than ending up.

  • Ending up. Describes the academic surface area of the final processing of the work surface. When completing the bent surface with a ball-end milling cutter, the line cutting approach is usually utilized. For parts with far better visibility, the turning point of the row cutting should be chosen outside the contour table, that is, the curved surface area needs to be expanded exterior throughout programs. For the appearance of getting rid of inadequate visibility, because of the modification in reducing rate when reversing, it is extremely simple to leave tool marks on the machined appearance and also blocking the surface caused by suspension and oscillation. Therefore, throughout processing as well as programming, one is to reduce the feed price when reversing, and also the various other is that when programs, the transforming point of the processed surface area must be somewhat far from the obstructing surface area. The intersecting line of the curved surface and the obstructive surface area need to be processed individually by a clean-up treatment, so that the processed curved surface area as well as the obstructive surface will certainly be smoothly connected without huge knife marks.


  • When the round end milling cutter is milling the curved surface area, the cutting rate at the pointer of the round cutter is very low. If the ball cutter is used to mill a fairly smooth bent surface area on the machined surface, the top quality of the surface cut by the sphere cutter idea is reasonably poor, so pin speed should be enhanced appropriately, and also other things need to be protected against from cutting with the pointer of the CNC milling machine.

  • Stop right down the knife. There are 2 typical flat-bottomed round milling cutters, one is that the end face has a center hole, and the end side is not in the center. The other is that there is no center opening on the completion face, as well as completion blades are connected as well as pass the facility. When grating a bent surface area, an end mill with a facility opening must not feed right down like a drill, unless a craft opening is drilled ahead of time. Or else, the CNC milling machine will be damaged. If an end knife without a center hole is utilized, it can feed directly down, yet since the blade angle is too tiny and the axial force is big, it must be avoided as high as feasible. The most effective way is to feed the tool diagonally downward, and then utilize the side edge to reduce laterally after getting to a specific depth. When milling the groove surface area, the process opening can be pre-drilled for reduction. Although the effect of straight reducing with a ball-end milling cutter is better than that of a flat-bottomed end mill, it is best not to use this cutting approach as a result of the extreme axial force that impacts the reducing impact.

CNC milling machines are usually utilized to process items as well as mold and mildews, so we commonly place them as mold and mildew CNC milling equipment or mold devices, product makers. These are just for far better distinguishing. Actually, every CNC milling machine can be made use of to make items, however, to make mold and mildews. There are still some distinctions. We can personalize the transmission spindle CNC milling machine for clients according to the consumer's mold and mildew material and handling needs.

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