CNC Machining parts applied in Automotive Industry
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CNC Machining parts applied in Automotive Industry

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When it comes to automotive, people may just think of those cool and expensive cars. But do you know what consist of a car and how to make it? In this essay, we will briefly introduce the application of CNC machining in car industry from several parts:

1.         The history of CNC machining applied in automotive industry

2.         CNC machining car parts

3.         Advantages of CNC machining car parts

4.         Development of CNC Technology in Automobile Industry


The history of CNC machining applied in car industry

Cars have existed since the nineteenth century. Their introduction changed civilization, giving fast personal transport to large sections of the population while creating a new workforce and introducing a new aspect of popular culture. Automotive manufacturing processes have changed significantly during the time. Initially, when Ford introduced the iconic Model T, most assembly work was done by hand. But now, welding and assembling can be finished by CNC machines. CNC machines turn a digital file into a sequence computer instructions, which are sent to a motorized tool such as a drill, lathe or mill. The tool turns a block of material into a finished product by cutting it in the appropriate places, and can provide much greater accuracy than conventional machining.


CNC machining car parts

l       Lighting

Aluminum processing is one of the most important applications of numerical control technology in automotive industry, but materials such as acrylic glass or polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) can also be used to manufacture other important components. By processing PMMA, the manufacturer can produce lighting for a car, including headlights and interior lighting. Although these acrylic components need grinding and polishing after NC processing, the whole process is still relatively fast, which allows automobile manufacturers to make new lamps for their cars. PMMA is usually used as a shatterproof substitute for glass and can be made into windows, transparent shields, fish tanks and other objects.

l       Engines

CNC machining can be used to manufacture several important parts of automobile internal combustion engine. Although the programming of CNC machine tools is a time-consuming process and requires high-level skills, once the machine tools are ready, they can execute their instructions without help. This means that more than one engine block can be processed continuously without significantly increasing the labor force. Cylinder head is a part of closed cylinder above the cylinder block. It is usually manufactured by CNC processing technology.

l       Transmission mechanism

Gearbox is an important transmission mechanism of automobile. There are many shaft parts and gears. Now in the automotive industry, all the shafts and gears of the gearbox are made by CNC machines. At present, gear, shaving, hobbing and other processing technologies have been widely used in gear processing. CNC machine tools have great advantages in gear processing, with high precision and high production efficiency.

The drive axle is also an important transmission mechanism. The two main hypoid gears in the main axle of the drive axle must be machined by a CNC machine. The bevel gears in the differential are also machined on a CNC machine.

l       Other parts

CNC machining can be used to produce a slew of other car parts, including but not limited to suspension components, exhaust parts, carburetor housings, fluid system components, bushings and valve retainers. The manufacturing technology is also particularly useful for customization of vehicles and their components.


Advantages of CNC machining car parts

l       Speed

One of the most significant advantages of CNC machining car parts over conventionally machining them is speed. Since the machining is carried out automatically by a computer, no human limitations such as fatigue need to be factored into the process. The speed advantages of CNC become particularly apparent when producing large volumes of a part, since the computer instructions can be repeated as many times as necessary. 

l       Precision

Another reason why automobile manufacturers prefer CNC processing is the accuracy of processing. The digitization and autonomy of the process will hardly produce errors, while the tolerance provided by the optimal processing settings is (+0.001). Understandably, the automotive industry requires such fine tolerances because failure of engines or other key components can have serious consequences for end users.

l       Repeatability

Since the same CNC machining job can be repeated multiple times without discrepancy between parts, the technology is particularly useful when a manufacturer needs to produce large volumes of a single component. And in an industry where 81.5 million cars are made and sold per year, a demand for large volumes is commonplace.


Development of CNC Technology in Automobile Industry

From the entire car industry, CNC technology in multi-category processing, small and medium-volume production, there are obvious advantages, so in the automotive industry, has a particularly important position. It can not only processing a variety of mechanical components, but also to complete the automotive sheet metal, chassis welding, shaft forging, vehicle assembly, EDM, laser and other special processing. In the processing will be able to work in a strong capacity of equipment such as CNC vertical / horizontal milling machining center, universal turning center for flexible manufacturing system (FMS), a large extent to improve its processing capacity and flexibility The CNC technology has become an inevitable trend in the development of manufacturing industry. The flexible manufacturing system (FMS) and computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS), which is involved in CNC prototype machining, occupy the important position of mechanical processing industry.



So far, we have talked about some different aspects of the application of CNC machining in the area of automotive by the history, the specific parts application, the advantages and the future development. Hope you can gain more knowledge about CNC machining parts applied in automotive industry.

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