What is 3-axis CNC Milling Machine
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What is 3-axis CNC Milling Machine

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This content is a 3 axis CNC milling guide, discussing on 3-axis CNC milling machine. Are you looking for a 3-axis CNC milling machine and hope to know more about the 3-axis CNC milling machine? No problem!

In this article, I will give you a detailed introduction to the information of the 3 axis CNC milling machine including its definition, process, structure and what can be designed by. If you are wondering about this, I think you should continue reading it.


1. The definition of 3-axis CNC milling machine

2. The process of 3-axis milling machine

3. The structure of 3 axis CNC milling machine

4. What can be designed by a 3-axis CNC milling machine?


The definition of 3-axis CNC milling machine

3-axis milling evolved from the practice of rotary boring, a milling process that operates on two axes, the X-axis and the Y-axis. In three-axis machining, when the cutting tool moves along the 3 axes, the workpiece remains stationary to mill the part. 3-axis machining is used to create mechanical parts and can be used for automatic/interactive operations, milling slots, drilling and cutting sharp edges. Since 3-axis machining is performed on only 3 axes, it is relatively simple and allows material to be moved from back to front, side to side, and up and down in the 3 axis. Although this is a more basic process, 3-axis machining may be ideal for your machining project, depending on production scale, workpiece requirements, precision and finishing constraints, materials used and retention. 3-axis machining is one of the most widely used techniques for manufacturing machine parts. For decades, it has been known to manufacturers and other participants in the industrial sector as well as in architecture, design and the arts. 


The process of 3-axis milling machine

This is a relatively simple process that can be processed on 3-axis (X, Y and Z) using conventional machining tools such as milling machines.  Positioning of tools and/or work table is done by a CNC program which controls the drive in the X, Y and Z directions. The processing tool then continues to remove the shavings in three basic directions corresponding to the axis of the flat surface. It is well suited for components that are not too deep, but this technique is greatly limited when trying to deal with deeper sections with narrow cavities. Then, the work can become very labor intensive and not perfect. Through a variety of milling tools many forms and complex shapes can be created. Many controlled machines are also equipped with a tool magazine with automatic tool change.


The structure of 3 axis CNC milling machine

The 3-axis CNC milling machine consists of several main components:

1. The frame: the core component of the 3-axis CNC milling machine. The frame structure directly affects the stability of the three-axis CNC milling machine.

2. Ball screw and linear guide: they are basically purchased parts, the more common brands are Taiwan HIWIN, Taiwan Yintai PMI, Germany Rexroth, Japan THK. The damage rate of this accessory is relatively low and the supplier has strict quality management and testing.

3. Machine tool spindle: very important, the main spindle refers to several indicators, speed, diameter and whether it will vibrate

4. CNC controller: the CNC controller and the servo motor driver are integrated, and the controller manufacturer package is sold as a whole. It is equivalent to the brain of a small 3-axis CNC milling machine with a relatively high technical content. The current common brands are Taiwan SYNTEC, Japan Mitsubishi, Japan FANUC, Germany Siemens, Germany HEIDENHAIN.


What can be designed by a 3-axis CNC milling machine

Although many machines have moving beds, the 3-axis milling center is stationary and the tool itself is running. The 3-axis model is versatile and the precise machine is designed for:

Automatic/interactive operation

Milling slot


Cutting sharp edges

3-axis milling produces the same products as 4-axis and 5-axis machines, but 3-axis machines do not provide the same detail or efficiency as their predecessors. The 3-axis can cut a single feature during operation.



To sum up, we have already covered the guide to 3-axis CNC milling machines. Hope you could have a full understanding about it. Have other questions, please let us know.




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