The drilling tool of the CNC milling machine
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The drilling tool of the CNC milling machine

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Drilling is normally utilized for reaming, rough machining prior to dumping openings, and threaded lower holes. Drilling devices for CNC milling devices and machining centers are generally twist drills, facility hole drills, and also indexable shallow opening drills.

  • Spin drill.

The exploration precision of spin drills is usually about ITI2, and the surface roughness worth R is 12.5. Spin drills can be identified from various facets: according to the classification of tool materials, twist drills are separated into high-speed steel drill little bits and also sealed carbide drill bits. According to the shank part of the spin drill, it is divided into the straight shank and the Mor-type taper shank. Straight shanks are usually used for small-diameter drills, and also other shanks are usually utilized for large-diameter drills. According to the size of the twist drill, it is divided right into standard type and also short, long, expanded, incredibly lengthy as well as other types.


  • Center opening drilling.

Drills specially used for machining center openings. The positioning of the tool in the boring of the CNC milling machine is managed by the CNC program, and there is no need for drilling die support. To guarantee the position precision of the machined hole, you ought to use the center opening to drill the divot or use the rigidity prior to drilling the hole with the spin drill.


A better short drill bit is used for scoring to make certain that the cutters in the hole are lined up as well as the positioning of the twist drill is ensured.


  •  Sealed carbide can be indexed superficial hole drill.

When piercing medium-diameter shallow holes with a size of 20-60mm as well as the length-to-diameter proportion of the hole is less than 3 ~ 4, a concrete carbide indexable shallow opening drill can be utilized. The reducing efficiency and handling quality of this drill are much better than spin drills, as well as it is most suitable for drilling and dive milling of box parts, and also can additionally be used as a reaming tool. The head of the indexable shallow opening drill body is geared up with a collection of carbide blades (the blade can be a regular polygon, diamond, or quadrilateral). The bigger indexable shallow opening drill body has inner air conditioning channels and also chip flutes. In order to raise the service life of the tool, a titanium carbide finishing can be coated on the blade. Utilizing this sort of drill a little bit to drill box openings can enhance the efficiency by 4-6 times compared to ordinary spin drills.


  • Reaming tool.

Hole reaming is the more processing of holes that have actually been drilled, cast (built) or punched out. Reaming drills (as displayed in Number 1-24) are primarily made use of for reaming on CNC milling machine, or finish mills or Reaming via the blade. Compared to spin drills, the structure of reamer drills has the following attributes: reamer drills have much more cutting edges, usually 3 to 4 cutting sides, with great cutting support; reamer drills have little reaming allocations, as well as one strand is 2 ~ 4mm, the primary cutting edge of the reaming drill is short, the chip pocket is smaller sized than the spin drill, the rigidness of the cutter body is good; there is no carve, the axial pressure is tiny when reducing. As a result, the handling top quality and also productivity of reaming drill are much better than boring. Reaming has the capability to deal with the shape mistake of the built hole and the alter of the axis. Its handling accuracy can get to IT10, and also the surface roughness value R is 3.2 ~ 6.3. It can be used for the last handling of holes and likewise as the pre-processing of dumpling holes or grinding openings.


The product for the cutting part of the reaming drill is divided right into two kinds: high-speed steel and sealed carbide; the framework of the shank part has an essential straight shank (utilized for small size reamers) and also an important taper shank (utilized for medium-diameter broadening Opening drill) and sleeve kind (for reaming drills with larger sizes).

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