The brief introduction of CNC machining center
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The brief introduction of CNC machining center

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CNC machining center is one of the most widely used CNC machine tools in the world. From this article, we will show you the basic information of it from the definition, the basic functions, the types, the advantages and disadvantages and the handling of troubles. Hope you could have a rough impression about CNC machining center.


1. what is CNC machining center?

2. basic functions of CNC machining center

3. types of CNC machining center

4. advantages and disadvantages of CNC machining center

5. troubleshooting


What is CNC machining center?

CNC machine tools originated from manual milling machines. The term "machining center" describes almost any CNC milling machine and drilling machine that includes an automatic tool changer and a table that clamps the workpiece in place. In the 1950s, digital control was added to the milling machine. In the 1960s and 1970s, more and more powerful computer controls were added. With the development of industrial and computer technology, machines have become more and more complex and are now able to perform very complex machining tasks. The biggest difference with the CNC milling machine is that the machining center has the ability to automatically exchange machining tools. By installing different tools on the tool magazine, the machining tool on the spindle can be changed in one clamping by the automatic tool changer to realize various machining functions.


Basic functions of CNC machining center

  • Different machining centers can work on different axes or planes. Some common examples are the y-axis, which is forward and backward, the x-axis is left and right, and the z-axis is vertical motion. Machines can be described by setting the axes on which they work, such as horizontal or vertical. CNC machining centers may be complex enough to work on multiple axes.

  • Machines can produce actual machined parts, or they can be used to cut molds, which in turn are used to produce molded parts. They use a variety of tools to perform various operations such as tapping, drilling and drilling to create the required part or mold. The machining center is capable of producing parts within very tight tolerances, which refers to the standard dimensions of the part and the dimensions that allow deviation from the standard.

  • Programming and machine setup can take a considerable amount of time. Once the machine is set up, it usually requires very little operator intervention. Therefore, these machines are often used in mass-produced parts.


Types of CNC machining center

  • The machining center is often divided into a vertical machining center and a horizontal machining center according to the state in which the main shaft is in space. The main axis of the machining center is called a vertical machining center in a vertical state, and the main axis is in a horizontal state. Machining center. The spindle can be used for vertical and horizontal conversion, called vertical horizontal machining center or five-sided machining center, also known as composite machining center. According to the number of processing center columns; there are single column and double column (gantry type).

  • According to the number of motion coordinates of the machining center and the number of coordinates controlled at the same time: there are three axes and two linkages, three axes and three linkages, four axes and three linkages, five axes and four linkages, and six axes and five linkages. The three-axis and four-axis refer to the number of motion coordinates of the machining center, and the linkage refers to the number of coordinates that the control system can simultaneously control the movement, thereby realizing the position and speed control of the tool relative to the workpiece.

  • According to the number and function of the workbench: there is a single workbench machining center, a double workbench machining center, and a multi-workbench machining center.

  • According to the processing accuracy: there are ordinary machining centers and high-precision machining centers. Ordinary machining center, the resolution is 1μm, the maximum feed rate is 15~25m/min, and the positioning accuracy is about l0μm. The high-precision machining center has a resolution of 0.1 μm, a maximum feed rate of 15 to 100 m/min, and a positioning accuracy of about 2 μm. Between 2 and 10 μm, more than ± 5 μm, can be called precision grade.


Advantages and disadvantages of CNC machining center:


  • A large number of tooling reductions are made, and complex tooling parts are not required for complex tooling. If you want to change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the part processing program, which is suitable for new product development and modification.

  • The processing quality is stable, the processing precision is high, the repeating precision is high, and it is suitable for the processing requirements of the aircraft.

  • High production efficiency in multi-variety and small-volume production, reducing production preparation time, machine tool adjustment and process inspection time, and reducing cutting time due to the use of the best cutting amount.

  • It can process complex profiles that are difficult to machine with conventional methods, and even process unprocessable parts.


The disadvantage of CNC machining is that the machine tool is expensive and requires a high level of maintenance personnel.




  • CNC machining center serial encoder communication error alarm. Reason: The unit detects the motor encoder disconnection or communication failure of the CNC machining center.heck that the motor's encoder feedback line is connected to the amplifier correctly and is secure.

  • CNC machining center encoder pulse count error alarm (LED display 6, system PMM screen display 303/304/305/308 alarm) Cause analysis: The serial encoder of the servo motor is lost or not counted during operation. Turn off the power and turn it on again. If there is the same alarm, replace the motor (if the alpha motor replaces the encoder) or the feedback cable.


As we can see from the essay, the CNC machining center has been much more practical in real life since its excellent functions. No one can deny the positive effects that CNC machining center brings. For more information, please contact us.

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