Custom CNC Machining Services for Aerospace Parts and Components from China supplier
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Custom CNC Machining Services for Aerospace Parts and Components from China supplier

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Are you already looking for Aerospace Parts CNC machining service? We can be a good help. We are a team of skilled professionals, who have a huge experience in providing quality custom CNC machining services.

As a well-established aerospace manufacturer, we have a successful track record of delivering innovative and precision engineered aerospace components and parts. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, which allows us to offer exceptional CNC machining for the aerospace industry. 

Aerospace Machining Capabilities

At NINGBO OEM, we assure shortest turnaround times on all aerospace machining projects. Our following capabilities allow us to take various challenging projects. 

CNC Machining Services

Our following machining services help us provide diverse simple to complex aerospace parts. 

CNC Turning: This machining helps us to manufacture parts, which synchronize with each other perfectly. A CNC lathe machine is used for the process. The machine is controlled using a CAD software, which cuts the material in the desired shape, and at a high speed. Our experts always refer blueprint at every stage, which helps us ensure high accuracy of the parts delivered to our aerospace clients.  

• 4 Axis Machining: We use advanced CNC machines, which can move a cutting tool or a part in 4 different axis. These machines allow us to create complex shapes in one set-up. Also, it helps us peak our machining productivity, and assure shortest turnaround times on complex parts. Our advanced 5 axis cnc machining enable us to create diverse parts with hard materials. 

• 3D Machining: Additive manufacturing has become an integral manufacturing technique in aerospace engineering. We employ 3D machining to create large and complex aerospace parts. Our 3D machine parts are valued for their excellent performance, weightlessness, and excellent electrical insulation. 

Testing and Inspection: We conduct various types of testing to ensure our manufactured components and parts are working as desired. The following are the two types of tests conducted by us:

• Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Inspection: Our CMM services help us ensure the optimum quality of aerospace parts.  This inspection is conducted during all those projects, where safety is the main concern. In a first step, all 2D diagrams are converted into programmable data. Next, we inspect every component and provide a complete detailed report to the client. This inspection is an integral feature of our turnkey aerospace machining services. 

• Vacuum Pressure Testing: We perform vacuum leak testing to ensure finished aerospace parts can withstand high pressure and stress required in the aerospace. 

Materials We Work With: Aerospace components are precision designed to withstand challenging environments and high load bearing. Thus, aerospace engineering demands materials with excellent strength, wear resistance, and reliability. This is why we work with the following materials:

Stainless Steel: Many stainless steel variants comprise of chromium content, which helps improve their corrosion resistance, and oxidation properties. This material can resist temperatures up to 1150 oC. 

Titanium: Titanium has become a preferred aerospace material due to its excellent strength to weight ratio. This material is treated with carbon fiber reinforced polymers, which help improve its corrosion resistance, and strength.  

Aluminum: This material is preferred due to its lightweight properties. Aluminum is also cheaper than various other materials, and have excellent heat resistant properties. The material is not recommended for components that require superior heat resistance. 

• Super Alloys: This includes various high-temperature alloys such as nickel alloys, iron, and cobalt super alloys. 

Applications of CNC Machining in the Aerospace Industry

The following are a few components that are engineered using CNC machining. 

• Instrument panels 

• Stainless Steel Shaft

• Coupler Body

• Coupler Taps

• Control panels

• Electronic enclosures and housing

• Compressor cases

• Separation Discs

• Aerospace Ground Support Lever

Our comprehensive CNC machining capabilities allow us to take up small to large medium range projects. Over the years, we have built an extensive supply chain network, which allows us to assure quick turnaround times.  Request a quote for CNC machining in the aerospace industry, or contact us for any additional assistance. 



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