CNC Milling Applied in Car Parts
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CNC Milling Applied in Car Parts

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If you own a car, you may make a lot of contributions to CNC milling in the automotive industry: the time, manpower and energy saved by the use of computer numerical control technology to manufacture auto parts is critical important to maintain a modern car that ordinary people can afford. Today, cars, lorries and trucks are more complex than ever before, and they need to make many tiny and complex parts - only CNC milling in the automotive industry can be achieved. In addition, CNC milling technology is the key to making modern cars as safe as possible because there is little chance of human error when manufacturing parts by computer numerical control. The risk of defective parts that fail when the vehicle is running is slight. Parts made by CNC milling can also be precisely calibrated to withstand the high temperatures and other stresses associated with driving behavior.


1. What is CNC milling technology?

2. What parts are made by CNC milling technology?

3. CNC milling for vehicle reparation  

4. CNC milling to the future of the automotive industry




What is CNC milling technology?

CNC machine tools originated from manual milling machines. The term "machining" describes almost any CNC milling machine and drilling machine that includes an automatic tool changer and a table that clamps the workpiece in place. In the 1950s, digital control was added to the milling machine. In the 1960s and 1970s, more and more powerful computer controls were added. With the development of industrial and computer technology, machines have become more and more complex and are now able to perform very complex machining tasks. The biggest difference with the CNC milling machine is that the machining center has the ability to automatically exchange machining tools. By installing different tools on the tool magazine, the machining tool on the spindle can be changed in one clamping by the automatic tool changer to realize various machining functions.


What parts are made by CNC milling technology?

Some of the most important automobile parts made with CNC turning for the automotive industry include:

Brake system components

Aluminum wheels

Titanium valve keepers

Transmission cases

Valve retainers

Carburetor components

Headlight housings


Dowel pins





Suspension components

Timing covers

Final machining on castings


As you can no doubt surmise from the above list, it would be impossible to build a modern vehicle without the aid of CNC milling. The automotive industry is therefore on the cutting edge where CNC milling technology is concerned and, like the aerospace industry, it has helped to drive many of the advances in CNC milling technology.



CNC milling for vehicle reparation  

CNC turning in the automotive industry is not limited to modern cars, the repair and resale of classic vehicles is also highly dependent on custom CNC milling. CNC mechanics are often employed to design and manufacture steering boxes, pumps, gearboxes, differentials and various engine components that are no longer in mainstream production. At times, CNC mechanics also contract to design performance enhancements for classic vehicles so that these vehicles can enter performances and competitions. Many CNC engineers are very skilled and can copy outdated parts even without the original blueprints or drawings - if they can see the parts, they can figure out how to redesign it and create a program that tells the CNC how to make the right specifications part.


CNC milling to the future of the automotive industry

As the automotive industry enters the new millennium and continues to strive to become more “green,” the demand for complex, highly specialized automotive components may increase. This is a very beneficial future.


In this essay we have talked about several aspects of the application of CNC milling in automotive industry from what is CNC milling technology, what parts are made by CNC milling technology, CNC milling for vehicle reparation and CNC milling to the future of the automotive industry. Hoping it can help you know more about CNC milling. For more information, please contact us.


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