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Best Way to Learn CNC Machining

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CNC machining is widely used in today’s society, more and more people prefer to learn CNC machining. As we all know, G codes are necessary in learning CNC machining. But, what are G codes in CNC machining? What is the best way to learn CNC machining? Today, this article will tell you about the most efficient way to learn CNC machining and we will also tell you the meaning of G codes in CNC machining.


List: 1. Meaning of G Codes in CNC Machining

        2. Tips of Learning CNC Machining


Meaning of G Codes in CNC Machining

G codes is the instruction in the CNC program, generally, it is called G instruction. Using G codes can realize fast positioning, inverse circle interpolation, circuitous interpolation, intermediate point arc interpolation, radius programming, jump processing. CNC machines are used to cut various materials, such as plastics and metals, and because these machines are controlled by computerized systems, they require code to perform any given task. With the help of G code, you can order the machine to cut according to your requirements. G code allows you to determine cutting speed and tool axis. Because the command for CNC cutting begins with the letter ‘G’, the G code is called. Usually, it tells the machine what operations it needs to perform.



• Move in an arc or straight line

• Change the coordinate system

• Move the cutting tool to the desired position of the cutting object

• Drill a hole to cut any material or shape the circumference of the workpiece according to the required size

• Offset setting


Tips of Learning CNC Machining

1. Oil a lubricating point according to the instructions, fill the hydraulic tank with the required hydraulic oil, and connect the air source.

2. Power-on. Each component is supplied separately or after a power-on test of each component, then the power is supplied in an all-round way. Observe whether the components have alarm, whether the manual components are normal or not, and whether the safety devices are working. Even every link of the machine tool can be operated and moved.

3. Grouting, after the initial operation of the machine tool, coarsely adjust the geometrical accuracy of the machine tool, and adjust the relative position of the main moving parts and the main unit that have been disassembled. The robot, the tool magazine, the exchange workbench, the position, etc. After these tasks are completed, the anchor bolts of the main engine and each accessory can be filled with quick-drying cement to fill the reserved holes of the respective foot bolts.

4. Debugging and preparing various testing tools, such as precision level, standard square, parallel square tube, etc.

5. Fine-tuning the level of the machine tool, so that the geometric accuracy of the machine tool reaches the allowable error range by using multi-point pad support. Adjust the bed level in the free state to ensure the stability of the bed after adjustment.

6. Manual manipulation is used to adjust the position of the manipulator relative to the spindle, and adjusting mandrel is used. When installing the maximum weight tool holder, it is necessary to exchange the tool holder to the spindle position automatically for many times so as to be accurate and without impact.

7. Move the workbench to the exchange position and adjust the relative position of the pallet station and the exchange workbench to achieve the smooth work of the automatic exchange of the workbench. Install the maximum load of the workbench and perform multiple exchanges.

8. Check whether the setting parameters of the numerical control system and the programmable controller plc device meet the specified data in the random data, and then test the main operation functions, safety measures, and execution of common instructions.

9. Check the working condition of accessories, such as machine tool lighting, cooling protective cover, various protective panels, etc.


Theoretical knowledge is very important, but practical operation is also necessary. The best way to learn CNC machining is theory plus practice. Schools are places for theoretical study, while factories are places for practical study. Field operations in factories have deepened the impression of theoretical knowledge and increased experience.


Above all, in order to learn CNC machining well, we do not only need to know theoretical knowledge such as G codes well, but also we have to practice by ourselves. 

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