Basic knowledge of CNC milling machine
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Basic knowledge of CNC milling machine

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CNC equipment has a far-reaching history. As a CNC milling machine, we likewise have a particular understanding of CNC milling devices. Today, I will certainly introduce the fundamental expertise of CNC milling machines. To find out the basic knowledge of CNC milling makers, to start with, take a look at what we need to understand in various instructions.

  • Take part in manufacturing work: To learn CNC milling device, CNC machining innovation, CNC programs, CNC milling maker mistake diagnosis as well as maintenance, mechanical drawing as well as mechanical manufacturing basis, these are some fundamental knowledge points that should be mastered.

  • Take part in a professional or design job: learn the essentials of mechanical production and also mechanical layout.


What is a CNC milling machine?

Mathematical Control: Numerical Control (Numerical Control, abbreviated as NC) is an automatic control modern technology that utilizes electronic information to regulate the activity of the machine tool and also its handling. CNC milling device is a kind of automatic processing equipment, which is established on the basis of the average milling maker. CNC milling machine is regulated by computer system digital signal. The processing modern technology as well as structure of both are roughly the exact same.

What is the working concept of CNC milling equipment? CNC milling device is based upon the technological demands of the shape, accuracy, size as well as the surface roughness of the workpiece to formulate the handling technology and processing parameters. With hand-operated programming or automatic programming with the software application, the configured handling program is input to the controller, and the controller will process it. After refining the handling program, it will send directions to the servo. When the servo device sends a control signal to the servo electric motor, the spindle electric motor will certainly rotate the tool, and also the x, y, and also z three-directional servo electric motors control the device and the workpiece to relocate relatively to each other according to the trajectory to realize the cutting of the workpiece.


According to the processing attributes of the CNC milling device, the improvement of handling performance can be selected from the handling method of the CNC milling device.


  • Procedures are differentiated according to the clamping and placing. This technique is normally suitable for workpieces with little processing web content, generally separating the processing part into a number of components, as well as processing a part in each procedure. For instance, when the CNC milling device refines the form, when the internal cavity is clamped as well as refined by the inner dental caries, the shape is clamped.

  • Separate processes by roughing as well as ending up. For CNC milling maker parts that are prone to processing contortion, considering the processing accuracy and also contortion of the work surface, the processes can be identified according to the principle of separating harsh and finishing, that is, harsh initial and then a penalty.

  • In order to reduce the stroke of the number of device modifications, the concept of tool gathering can be taken on to identify the procedures.

In the process of differentiating, it is essential to be sensitive as well as practical based upon the architectural requirements of the work surface, the equipment method of the work surface, the handling innovation of the work surface, the efficiency of the CNC milling machine, as well as the manufacturing arrangement as well as management of the manufacturing facility. The processing of CNC milling maker can properly approximate the control details beforehand, and also it is very easy to complete the standardization of refining details. Now it has actually been organically combined with the computer system support and manufacturing, which is the basis of modern-day incorporated manufacturing skills.

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