Aluminum CNC Milling Parts
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Aluminum CNC Milling Parts

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CNC milling is used widely in today’s society, many parts of various of products people use are made by CNC milling. Among all the CNC milling parts, aluminum CNC milling parts are the mostly used. This article will tell you why we choose aluminum to make CNC milling parts, also we will talk about the process and advantages of aluminum CNC milling parts.  


List: 1. Reasons of Choosing Aluminum

         2. Process of Making Aluminum CNC Milling Parts

         3. Advantages of Aluminum CNC Milling Parts


Reasons of Choosing Aluminum

Aluminum is a light, nonmagnetic, silver metal that can form almost any shape. It can be rolled into thick plates for armored cans or thin foil for packaging. It can also be wired and canned. Pure aluminum is soft and has limited strength. Adding small amounts of elements such as copper, magnesium and/or zinc to increase strength. Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the earth's crust after oxygen and silicon. It is a relatively new industrial metal and has been commercialized for more than 100 years.


Process of Making Aluminum CNC Milling Parts

The cutting performance of aluminum alloy parts is good, but the parts are easily deformed if the process plan or setting is improper during the milling process, resulting in dimensional errors. The rough and fine process plan is usually adopted. The specific process flow is as follows: blank → rough car → rough milling → aging → fine car → fine milling. 


(1) Workpiece cavity rough milling process

Mainly aiming to remove the large margin and lay the foundation for the post-equipment, this process requires milling the inner contour according to the part structure diagram shown, and pre-finishing the reference hole required for Seiko.


(2) Workpiece cavity high speed finishing process

During the high-speed milling process, the deformation of the part can be reduced due to the small cutting force, which is more suitable for the aluminum alloy workpiece, and the chip is cut off in a short time, most of the cutting heat is carried away by the chip, and the thermal deformation of the workpiece is small which is conducive to the dimensional accuracy of the parts.


(3) Workpiece reference hole drilling process

The aluminum parts are precision-selected with the center hole as the reference hole, and the center hole is boring after the outer circle of the lathe, and the reference hole must be completed before the precision cavity.


Advantages of Aluminum CNC Milling Parts

• The combination of light weight, strength and ductility makes aluminum CNC milling parts an ideal material for transportation applications. It is used in automotive, aircraft, railway and ship applications, as well as in the manufacture of fuel efficient engines for automobiles and trucks. It is lightweight and reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

• Aluminum structure absorbs most of the impact caused by automobile accidents.

• It is non-toxic and can be wrapped in thin foils and cooked in containers for non-acid food safety. Aluminum cookers are easy to lift, require less heat than stainless steel or cast iron, and they are heated quickly and evenly.

• Aluminum helps to build corrosion-resistant and low maintenance buildings. Aluminum products are used for new construction and renovation. Because of their strength and portability, they are used in earthquake-prone areas. It is also a good light reflector, usually used for lighting.

• Powerful aluminum CNC milling parts withstand extreme pressures and pressures brought about by high altitude flight. The wafer sheet keeps cool and air in. Many internal parts, such as seats on aircraft, are made of aluminum or aluminum composite materials to reduce weight, thereby saving fuel, reducing emissions and increasing the payload of aircraft.

• This versatile metal can be drawn into thin wires, usually for products such as light bulbs and telephone lines. Most long-distance high-voltage overhead transmission and distribution lines are also made of aluminum.


Above all the information we give in this article, you will know the reason why many people choose aluminum to produce CNC milling parts, also you will learn how to produce excellent aluminum CNC milling parts, last but not least, in the end of this article, we inform you of the advantages of aluminum parts. We hope you will make proper decisions after reading this article.

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