Advantages Of CNC Machining
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Advantages Of CNC Machining

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The role of CNC machining technology in modern manufacturing is obvious to all. CNC machining technology not only increases the manufacturer's production efficiency, but also greatly reduces the production cost. Let's take a comprehensive look at the benefits of CNC machining today.


CNC Machining

When using CNC machining, the tools are being functioned through numerical control which can be customized for any project that includes both metal and plastic components. CNC Machines are efficient, fast and excellent at reducing material waste, which is why this is the most popular and accurate way of producing CNC mahcined parts. It is a method used in modern machining to design components and a wide range of associated tasks.

There are plenty of advantages when using the process. Compared to manual machining the process is much more precise and can be repeated over again in exactly the same manner no matter how complex the initial design is. CNC Machines are used for the world’s most complex 3D shapes that need a high level of precision, and here at MNB Precision, our experts are fully qualified.

The process of the CNC machining service starts out with CAD drawings in both 2D and 3D with a code being created specifically for the CNC machine. When the program is loaded, a test run is performed to ensure everything runs smoothly. After the test is done, the process of creating the products can start and be repeated numerous times.


Limited Human Supervision

It only requires one trained worker to monitor the output of several CNC machines. The technology behind these machines has become advanced enough that one person can watch the machines work efficiently for hours on end after they’ve been programmed. Companies who use these machines can pass along the savings received from reduced manpower. A new generation of computer programmers and design engineers have transformed the practice of machining into a precision art, CNC machining (computer numerical control). The manufacturing industry depends heavily on CNC machines, replacing certain operations that once required engineer operated equipment like vertical millers, routers and shaping machines.


Precise Component Machining

At Ningbo OEM, we use CAD Software (Computer Aided Design) to create the 3D designs of the final component. When the specifications are fed into the CNC machine’s computer, the machine is able to create the product from the material to exact specifications. This is immensely beneficial, as it allows for components of complex shapes to be created easily in a timely manner.



Once the design parameters and specifications have been entered into the machine, it can process huge quantities without requiring rest.


No Rest for Machines

Machines are different from humans, and CNC machines can run around the clock if needed. When they need to repair ore repairs, they only stop working. CNC machining technology can complete the operator's commands under the control of the computer, helping manufacturers to complete the processing tasks quickly and efficiently.


You Don't Need Extensive Experience or Skills

With conventional machines, you do need a long period of experience to get the most out of them. With CNC machining, experience still is a great benefit. You’ll always be learning new things and better ways to improve your production and quality. But, you can start in CNC machining with less experience and still produce at a high quality.


CNC Software Increases Your Production Options

More advanced software can help you manufacture products which are difficult or nearly impossible to make on conventional machinery. You can also update the software as necessary to improve your CNC machine’s functionality. With conventional machinery, you have to replace parts, which cost time and money. And you may have to buy a whole new machine too.


CNC Machining Fit the Skills of Modern Workers

Many of the mathematical and analytical skills necessary to successfully operate conventional machines aren’t as emphasized in schools as they used to be. As a result, in one sense, there’s a less skilled workforce available. However, the modern workforce knows how to operate software and technology. And CNC machines certainly fit that mold better than conventional machinery.

What are the benefits of CNC Machining?

Highly Accurate – The use of CAD creates extremely accurate drawings before the CNC process takes place.

Easily Repeat – Once there is a design or template created, it can be used multiple times to produce the exact same copy to precise specifications.

Cost effective – Our CNC Machining services are extremely accurate, so the waste material is kept to a minimum. The CNC machine also allows the user to take complete advantage of the raw materials.

Increases Production Speed – Parts that normally have to go through a number of steps before they can be completed, no longer have to go through such a lengthy process and so the process is much quicker using CNC Machines. The fully automated aspect means that the time of the overall production is cut down; the speed of production is significantly higher compared to other machining techniques.

Increases Levels of Safety – The CNC Machine operator is kept out of harm’s way as the whole process is automated, which makes it a much safer way to manufacture.

Very Efficient – CNC Machines feature an internal quality assurance detector, which makes the machines very efficient. As soon as a deficiency is detected the machine stops operating to prevent any material wastage.


We are all very optimistic about the development prospects of CNC machining technology. We believe that CNC machining technology will certainly have breakthrough development in the future. In the future, CNC technology will certainly show more advantages in manufacturing.

At NINGBO OEM, we operate a large variety of state-of-the-art CNC Milling& Turning Machines, providing various precise machining services including Precision Milling. With these Milling Engineering Machines, we are able to provide both capability and capacity to a range of industry leaders in the marketplace. Contact us now for your project.

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