1018 Carbon Steel vs. 1215 Carbon Steel
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1018 Carbon Steel vs. 1215 Carbon Steel

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On the planet of manufacturing and also machining, there are a handful of usual material qualities that we see at all times. Specifically, in the screw machining sector, two of the most usual products we see are 1018 as well as 1215 grade carbon steel.


Similarities between 1018 & 1215 Carbon Steel

They are both extremely flexible products that are easily available in several sizes, forms, and also types, hence providing themselves for lots of projects. Although their chemical make-ups are really comparable, they are additionally very various.


Contrasting 1215 & 1018 Carbon Steel

Let us take a dive in and compare these two products to see which is the finest for your project. Between both qualities, 1018 carbon steel is one of the most preferred because it is the most affordable steel on the market, in bar type. When compared to 1215, 1018 is normally 10-15% less expensive from a basic material viewpoint. Nevertheless, it has machining limitations that can outweigh the expense savings. This grade of product can just be machined so quickly due to the fact that the metal shavings that are produced during cutting are stringy as well as gummy (see photo to the left). Not only does this mean slower cycle times, however, it can likewise cause big "birds' nests" on the tool or workpiece (see photo listed below). It also influences the device life and reducing ability, especially when trying to achieve the wanted surface coating. Both problems lower the equipment uptime and also efficiency, hence influencing the piece cost of the component.


Advantages of 1215

On the other side, 1215 carbon steel is not as cheap as 1018 in basic material type however has a 25-40% general expense decrease. This is due to the higher machining speeds as well as efficiencies obtained by the enhancement of Sulphur and Phosphorous right into the product. These elements give faster cutting speeds and superb chip splitting homes that lessen tooling and also equipment maintenance. In addition, 1215 material can hold tighter resistances as well as enable smoother, brighter finishes.


Advantages of 1018

So, from an expense point of view, 1215 is the most affordable total alternative. Nevertheless, often the application or function of the component being created will determine which product is needed. If your part needs bending, welding, or case hardening processes, the 1018 product is the very best choice. This would certainly offer itself wonderful for parts such as spacers, studs, rivets, pins, as well as shafts. 1215, on the other hand, is excellent for low-stress applications like installations, bushings, inserts, or combining.


Locating the right Material for Your Job

In summation, one cannot merely look at one variable yet has to think about the application of the part, while also representing material and also machining expenses ahead up with the best overall suggestion. Both the designers and purchasing teams require to interact to ensure all these aspects are thought about. This information will certainly help them to make components that are not only practical however likewise cost-effective. If you want to know more about Carbon Steel CNC machining Parts, please contact us. We are very willing to assist you!

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